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Since Zach first became mobile he’s had his fair share of bumps and bruises. He barely even flinches when he falls down or runs into something and rarely ever cries. He’s a pretty tough little guy. That’s why when I saw blood pouring out of his thumb tonight it really freaked me out. I think it was the first time I ever saw him bleed (other than when he gets his shots at the doctor’s).

sept_06 122We had been playing on the computer, closed it down and then moved to the floor to play with his new puzzle. When he put the puzzle piece down that he had been holding, I noticed something red on it that looked like crayon or paint. Upon further inspection, I discovered it was my baby’s blood. I freaked out only slightly until I figured out that it was coming from a very small cut on his thumb. One washcloth and two bandaids later, and everything was fixed.

Zach didn’t care much for the bandaid on his thumb, but at least it got the blood under control. I took the bandaid off before he went to bed so that he didn’t chew it off and choke on it. I’m just hoping that the cut doesn’t split back open and bleed all over the place tonight. I still have no idea where the cut came from though.

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  1. I too have often wondered where the scraps come from.

    I remember once at a friend’s house, Doodles was walking around. I suddenly noticed that after he touched something there was a lovely red mark. I think he was six. Anyway, I panic. He was bleeding. Obviously on his had, but why?

    I then realized that he’d cut it on a pop can. Like you I cleaned it and put on a bandage. I mean, what else can you do?

    I know sometimes even I have mysterious bruises and scraps.

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