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Confessions: The Book Collector

When I was a kid I loved to read. Whether it was my beloved Baby-Sitters Club or the latest from Christopher Pike, I just couldn’t get enough. A trip to the book store was just as much fun as a trip down the toy aisle for me and to be honest, it still is. I love books.

I spent my summers devouring books. I wasn’t quite as fast a reader as my sister who would often finish off two or more books in a day, but if it was a good one I would stay up until I finished every last word. I waited eagerly for each new release by my favorite authors. I know my parents bought some of my books, but I remember using my allowance or baby sitting money for quite a few of them too. As soon as I got my hands on one I was ready to sit down and read. As I got older, the lure of boys was enough to convince me to put the books down and get out of the house, but I was still able to get my reading in.

These days I’m still just as addicted to books. I buy them up like crazy. I peruse Amazon on a regular basis and heaven forbid I actually step foot in a book store. I can’t resist the promise of a fascinating story or the next big thing that will change my boring life. I love the feel of a new book in my hands. The problem is, I never have time to actually read them. I bring them home where they sit on my night stand for months collecting dust.

Now and then I pick one up from the night stand when I have a few spare moments before bed. I’ll read a few pages until my eyes can no longer stay open and then set it back down. On very rare occasions, like when I have a new Nicholas Sparks novel I’ll actually manage to read a chapter or two. Those are about the only books I seem to finish here lately and the last one took me over a month to actually read. Most of the time I read a few chapters and the book sits so long that I feel like I need to start all over. Eventually it ends up on the bottom of the stack, never to be finished.

I have stacks and stacks of unfinished books. I even have a pretty good stack that I’ve never even started reading. A while back I vowed to myself that I would not buy any more books until I finished reading some of the ones already lining my bookshelves at home. Unfortunately, I forgot about that vow and ordered a couple more, as well as pre-ordering another. I’m only about half way through Skinny Bitch (which one day deserves a post of its own) and not quite half way through Into the Wild (which is interesting but a very slow read for me), the last two that I purchased. I’m determined to finish them, yet I couldn’t resist starting in on one of the new ones last night. There’s just something so fresh and satisfying about cracking open a new book.

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  1. You get a gold star for the day for reminding me the greatness of the Babysitters Club books. I was part of the “club” where they shipped you so many books a month and I remember waiting for the box to arrive and the smell of those books. And the Super Special ones….LOVED those.

  2. I’m a book addict myself, and oh man…do I ever remember anxiously awaiting the newest Christopher Pike books. Also, R.L. Stine. And I have to admit, I loved the Babysitter’s Club books, too.

    For the longest time it was taking me months to get through books, but lately I’ve been reading about 3 a month. Don’t know why there’s been this sudden shift, but I’m happy for it.

  3. dee dee

    @Cass I loved them so much! I’ve actually thought about starting a collection for my 2 month old daughter. But, with my luck she would hate the books and I would be so disappointed.

  4. dee dee

    @Aardvark – I’m not familiar with it but it looks great. Definitely one I need to check out! Thanks for the link!

  5. dee dee

    @Amie – Oh, I forgot all about R.L. Stine! I loved those too!

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