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Confessions: On Writing

Every once in a while when I have some time to spare I think I’ll compose a blog entry and save it to post at a later time.  The problem with this is that as soon as I complete the entry, I want to publish it.  There is just something about that instant gratification I get when I hit the publish button on my browser window.  It feels so good to get it out of my head and out there where others can read and respond to it.  I don’t like to wait to publish what I’ve written.  I’m pretty sure I could never write a book.

When I compose, I often start out with an idea of what I want to write about.  As I write, the subject of my entry often changes and turns into something completely different.  This generally happens when it is something I feel strongly emotional about.  Most of the time, those entries end up being some of my best writing.  It seems that when I let my mind and my memories take over instead of over-analyzing everything I actually am a pretty good writer.

I have always been a pretty straight forward writer.  I’m not one to use fancy embellishing words.  I just tell it like it is.  When I try to stretch it out, it never comes out as well.  Because of this, I never did well at creative writing, even though I have an extremely active imagination.

I am a bit of a perfectionist.  If I catch a misspelled word after I have published a blog entry, I almost always go back and fix it.  I can’t stand to see it on the screen.  At the same time, I am really bad at punctuation and tend to overuse commas and under use semicolons.  I was fabulous in English and Grammar, but lost most of that knowledge somewhere along the way.

I dream of one day being a well-known writer, whether it be online or in print.  I never would have had this dream if I had not discovered blogging.  It has opened up the creative flow within me and I can’t seem to turn it off.  Some days it hides, but most days it is there, ready to be released.   

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  1. I do very similar things. Sometimes I write posts and wait to post them, but then I don’t feel like it any more…or I feel like they are “too old” to post. Weird. I also tend to type everything in Word first to make sure I spell things correctly…and then I proof everything before I post it. I’m very very weird.

  2. I’ll often lose sleep over a comma, and the whole quotation mark and semicolon thing? Just shoot me.

    I won’t even TOUCH the grammar issue.

    What I shoot for is to write how I speak. If I can read it back to myself later, and it sounds like I’m talking to myself, it’s good enough. If I didn’t, I’d lose WAY too much sleep.

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