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Back to the Snow

hawaii06 507

Well, we’re back and it is freakin’ cold here.  Our wonderful vacation is over and now we’re trying to get back to our normal routines.  We got back to KC around 11:30 Saturday morning and have spent most of the time between then and now sleeping.  Zach fell asleep around 4:00 Saturday afternoon and slept until I woke him up at Noon on Sunday.  That’s 20 hours of sleeping without waking up!  I kept checking to make sure he was okay, but he apparently just needed to catch up.

I have tons to catch up on both at work and at home and all I really want to do is crawl back in bed.  I glanced at my feed reader briefly, then clicked on “mark all as read” because the number of posts was overwhelming.  So, if anything exciting happened with anybody over the last week, feel free to tell me about it in a comment or e-mail.

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  1. Welcome back!! It looks like Zach is either eating the rocks, or that he chipped off one of his teeth!!

  2. dee dee

    He was trying to eat the rocks. I had been emptying his mouth of the rocky contents when he found one more in there. He was holding it in his teeth for me to grab but the look on his face was too cute for me not to snap a picture first!

  3. Rumor has it that Britney Spears might be pregnant again. I’m hoping that isn’t true. And if it is true, I’m hoping that Kevin isn’t the father.

    So yeah, that’s all you missed.

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