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I’m not ignoring you. Really, I’m not.  It is just that I’ve been so busy on Flickr, Vox, and MySpace I haven’t had much extra time.  Also, I’ve been trying to get my new laptop set up at work.  You know all of the copying, loading, transferring files and things.  I’ve been very, very busy.

I was hoping to catch up this weekend, but guess what?  Zach has the chickenpox.  Turns out he got exposed just before we went out of town.  We’ll see how that goes.  So far he’s not too fussy.  I do have Monday and Tuesday off work so that is a little promising. Maybe I’ll catch up then.

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  1. Poor Zach, at least you are getting it out of the way early. I was six when I got the chicken pox and I still remember how bad they sucked.

  2. Oh no! Chicken pox! He is so little to have them though. Can’t that be kind of dangerous? My brother had them very young and we had to take him to the hospital a couple times.

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