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Because One Is Never Enough

I absolutely HATE MySpace.  I have always hated it, since the first time I heard of it.  I hate the whole concept of being cool based on how many "friends" you have.  But, at the same time I do kind of like the whole community aspect.  Last weekend I found out that one of my best friends signed up for MySpace.  Then I went to the reunion and heard that a couple more people had MySpace pages.  So, I caved.  I gave in.  I signed up so I could comment on their pages and now I’m a follower.  If you are on MySpace, stop by and say hi.  You can find me here.

Before I went on vacation, I also mentioned that I got an invite for VOX, the new multimedia blogging platform from Six Apart.  Vox is still a work in progress, but they needed people to test it out before the final release.  I’ve been playing around with it and so far I love it.  One of the greatest features of Vox is that you can upload your photos, videos, music, etc. to share with everyone.  It is somewhat similar to MySpace in that it has a huge emphasis on community.  When you find other friends or bloggers you enjoy, you can add them to your neighborhood. 

The reason I’m telling you this is that my "neighborhood" is looking pretty lonely right now.  I would like to send invites out to any of you that might be interested in checking out Vox.  Right now, I have only 2 standard invites that will allow you full access including a blog.  I also have unlimited starter invites that allows you a member profile, neighborhood, and commenting privileges.  As Vox grows, the starter accounts will change over to standard accounts.

So, if you are interested in checking out Vox, leave me a comment or send me an e-mail and I will get you hooked up.  If you want to take a look around first, please check out my page here.

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  1. Syl Syl

    Myspace scares me. And I’m convinced you shouldn’t post a picture of yourself unless you’re dressed uber-skanky. 🙂 🙂

    As for Vox, I’m on a waiting list for an invite, so if you’ve got one to spare, I’d like to check it out…

  2. TJ TJ

    I would like an invite if you can spare another.

  3. I would love to try out Vox, but I have so many blogs (not used) scattered around the blogosphere that I can’t justify another one…
    It does look super cool though!!

  4. If you still have a standard invite left to give out I’d be willing to take it…

    I too hate Myspace… It could have been so much better if it hired the right people to direct it, but it’s just really an ad-machine… Vox could take it on though 😛 (eventually anyways).

  5. Brian Brian

    And uhhm, I’ll be your friend?

    *puppy dog eyes*

  6. Here to beg for a Vox invite if you have another to spare (even a starter account!) I would appreciate it more than you know! I’m a daily LJ-blogger and would love to try something new.

    BTW- I’ve spent the last few hours reading your posts– you have a great site! Love the pink and brown, too. 😀


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