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PJ on Storytellers

I’m sitting in my living room watching Pearl Jam on VH1’s Storytellers.  There’s an empty margarita glass sitting beside me waiting to be refilled. Zach is in bed asleep.  Hubby is at a friend’s house jamming on his guitar.  I am very much enjoying being alone for a change.  This is a wonderful evening.

I was so excited when I heard Pearl Jam was doing Storytellers.  I’ve been waiting all week for it.  I was even more excited when Hubby decided to go out for a while tonight.  I think he knew I needed some time to myself.  I really wanted to be alone with my PJ tonight.  With the surround sound on it almost seems like they are here in my living room with me.

Now, if someone would just bring me that margarita… 

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  1. Ah…well, enjoy the alone time. If you had us blog friends around you would not be wanting for more booze – we’d have it in a blink! lol.

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