Taking Stock: November

When life gets to the point of insane-crazy-i-can’t-take-one-more-thing is usually when I most feel the desire to write. Sadly, it is also the time when I can barely keep a thought straight in my head long enough to write it down. So, naturally, I’ve been wanting to write like crazy lately, but there has been […]

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What Makes Us

Our experiences make us who we are. We hear that simple statement so many times during our lives, albeit in many different forms. But it’s true, isn’t it? Everything that happens in our lifetime molds and shapes us into who we are from infancy through our eventual death. This idea of experience has hit me […]

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My Why

They are my why. Because I want to be there for them. Because I want to capture their childhood. Because I want to support them. Because I want to push them and encourage them to be who they are. Because I never want them to settle for less. Because I want them to dream. Because […]

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2015 Is Here

We are four days into the new year, and today, more than ever I am reminded of how quickly the time passes by. Last night I had on my comfy, well-worn Garth Brooks hoodie. The one I bought at the concert we attended here in KC years ago‚Ķin 2007. I only know it was 2007 […]

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I’m not sure where to begin, or even what I really want to say. I simply know that it is time for a massive brain dump and this has always been my place to do just that. So here I am. I’m pretty sure no one but my mom reads this any more anyway. Life […]

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