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Knitted Snug As A Bug Sleepsack

Snug As A Bug Sleeper

I’ve been holding off on this post because these two Snug As A Bug Sleepsacks were knit as a baby gift for a friend who recently had twin boys.  I’m hoping these little sleepers will help keep her boys warm during cold evenings and possibly make things just a little bit easier on her and her husband.  I can’t even imagine having twins, especially when they have two other boys under five at home as well.

When I was trying to decide what to knit up for her, I remembered seeing this pattern and went searching for it.  It was really fast to knit up and the first time I’ve ever done a 3rd needle bind off (which I loved).  I have a lot of pregnant friends right now, so I’m guessing I’ll be making a lot more of these!

**Evie wasn’t very happy when I borrowed her doll to snap these pics! She kept running around saying “Where baby?”

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More Baby Goodies

My cousin and his wife are expecting their first baby at the end of June so I decided I wanted to make them a little something. I normally would throw together a little fleece tie blanket, but since he’ll be a summer baby I thought I should do something a little less warm. This is what I came up with.

Baby Blanket

The top side of the blanket is a soft knit fabric with a cute animal print. The bottom side is a fuzzy fleece backing. All I did was cut the two pieces of fabric, sew around the edge with right sides together (leaving a small opening), turn right side out, then topseam around the edge. It turned out really great. In fact, I think I’ll be making these again when I need another baby gift.

Baby Boy Hat

I couldn’t resist knitting up a little hat to go along with it as well. I packaged it all up, along with two cute little rompers I picked up and shipped it off to my cousin last week.

Now I’m just trying to figure out who’s having the next baby so I have an excuse to make more!

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Tutorial: Fleece Tie Blankets

Football season is here again and that means the cold winter months are just around the corner.  One of my favorite things to do in the winter is to snuggle up on the sofa with a warm fuzzy blanket.  My son has also adopted this habit of mine so we’ve collected quite a stack of warm blankets in our living room.  Why so many?  We have two dogs and two cats so most of the time half of the blankets are in the laundry waiting to be de-furred!

In my search for the perfect cuddly blanket, I discovered no-sew fleece tie blankets.  They are the perfect blanket to snuggle under when those cold days hit and they are super easy to make.  I can finish a large one off in about an hour (while watching TV) and a small one in even less time.  They make great baby or toddler gifts, and would also be a great craft project for kids to do on a snow day.

The best part is you can find fleece in so many different patterns that you can easily customize them for that special person.  My favorite is my Boston Red Sox blanket.  My son loves his Cars blanket.  And my husband?  He’s about to get his hands on a brand new New Orleans Saints blanket to keep him warm while he hollers at the TV this season.

Here’s what you’ll need:

2 pieces of coordinating fleece fabric (1-2 yards of each depending on size you want)
scissors (or rotary cutter and cutting board)

Seriously, that’s it.  If you are obsessive about straight, even lines then you may want a tape measure or yard stick to help but I just go for it and they always look fine.

Here’s what you do:

Lay the two pieces of fleece out flat with wrong sides facing.  Cut fleece to preferred size.  I generally use 1yard for a baby blanket, 1 1/2 yards for a toddler/child blanket, or 2 yards for a teen/adult blanket.  Keep in mind that you will reduce the size by 3-4 inches in all directions when you do the ties.  Trim edges so that they are even.

Cut a 3-4 inch square through both pieces of fabric in each corner and discard.  If you want the ties shorter do about 3 inches.  If you want them longer you can go 4 inches (or however long you want them to be).  Be aware that the fleece stretches a bit in one direction and not the other. If you make shorter cuts you may want to cut a bit longer on the non-stretchy side.

sept_08 373

Next, cut the strips for your ties.  Again, cut through both pieces of fabric.  Cut each edge into 1 inch wide strips, 3-4 inches long.

sept_08 378

After you are done cutting (and your hand stops cramping) start tying the two pieces of fabric together (one strip from each fabric).  I do double knots to keep it from coming apart in the wash.  Some suggest tying every other strip, then flipping the blanket over and tying the remaining strips to keep things even.  I’ve never done it that way, but it can’t hurt to try, right?

sept_08 381

When you have tied all the strips together, you’re done!

This is such a fun and easy craft.  I’ve made tons of them and have even had special requests.  You can easily adapt the size to make pillows (tie 3 sides, insert pillow form, tie remaining side).  I even made a tiny little snuggle blankie for my daughter using some left over scraps.


Baby Brayden

Things have been a little busy around here this week, thanks to the birth of my newest nephew. He was born via a scheduled c-section on Tuesday morning so I’ve been spending every free moment I have up at the hospital with his Momma. Last night I got to hold him for the first time and it was amazing. I am SO in love with that little guy already. I took advantage of the opportunity to wrap him up in the hat and blanket I made him and take a few hundred or so pictures of him. Here he is all snuggled up.

apr_07 516

I also started yet another baby blanket while I was at the hospital waiting for him to arrive. I now have two of them going at once. I wonder which one I will finish first?

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Easy Baby Blankets

Blanket BeginningsOne of my favorite things to make lately is baby blankets. I loved crocheting them so I figured knitting them was the next step. When I first started knitting I started out with hats because they are generally a pretty quick project that I can finish in a day or two. Since I knew my sister was going to be having a baby soon, I decided to see what kind of knitting patterns I could find for a baby blanket. I wasn’t sure I was up for knitting a blanket with my newly learned and still quite clumsy knitting skills but I thought I would give it a try if I could find something that looked simple enough.

I searched and searched my knitting books and the internet and I finally found something I thought I could handle. I discovered the Broken Rib Baby Blanket through Knitting Pattern Central. I adapted the pattern slightly to use some extra chunky yarn and size 17 needles (look at me already changing things when I barely know what I’m doing!). I managed to finish the first blanket in only two weeks knitting in the evenings on weekends when I had spare time. I wasn’t sure how well it would turn out, but it actually looked quite good. My sister loved the blanket and I was very proud of myself for finishing it just in time for her impromptu baby shower.

Since I enjoyed making the first one, I have now started on a second one. It seems like everyone I know is pregnant right now, so I think I’ll be busy for a while!

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