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Month: February 2009

Good Things In The Works

Welcome to the Voices In My Mind review site.  I’ve been thinking of setting this up for a while, but couldn’t decide if I really wanted to head down that road.  Review sites are all the rage in the blogging world right now and I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a joiner or if I wanted to let it all pass me by.  As you can see, I decided to join in.

What really pushed me to set up a review site is that I’ve has several great offers pass my by recently and I really hated not being able to write about them.  Since I run BlogHer ads on my main site, I’m limited on the type of reviews I can do there.  Plus, whether they are great products or not, I know not everyone is interested in reading about them.  And since this is totally separate from my main site, if I decide I don’t like it I can just say good-bye and close up shop.

That said, I’m really excited to have a place to review things I have purchased myself and/or been offered online.  What can I say?  Shopping is one of my favorite hobbies and I simply love trying out new things!  If you have a product or service you would like to have reviewed here, please email me at voicesinmymind [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

p.s. There will be some shuffling around of the design and/or page elements until I get everything just right so you may notice changes for a while.

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Zach & Uncle Josh - Christmas 2005
Zach & Uncle Josh - Christmas 2005

Today is the three year anniversary of the day my brother-in-law took his own life.  It isn’t a happy anniversary by any means, but I doubt the day will ever go by again without it crossing my mind.  I still can’t imagine the pain that my husband and his family feel when they think of it.  It is hard enough for me and I only knew him for a few years.

A couple months ago Hubby had a wreck in his work truck.  It was a rainy day and the temperature was dropping.  Apparently he hit some ice, skidded around a bit and ended up trying to take the bark off a tree in a field.  He was very lucky that day and wasn’t hurt other than a bit of soreness.  His truck wasn’t so lucky and was totaled.

Later that night, we were talking about the wreck over dinner.  Neither one of us came right out and said it, but basically we were talking about how grateful we were that he made it home that night and that nothing worse had happened.  Since Zach was sitting at the table with us, we were very careful not do say anything about the fact that he could have very well died in that wreck or been hurt very badly had he gone off the road just a few feet further down.

As we got up from the table and started cleaning up, Zach started singing.  That’s not an uncommon thing in our house, but it was what he was singing that was remarkable.  It took me a second before I realized what was coming out of his mouth.  He was singing, “Uncle Josh, Uncle Josh, Uncle Josh…” to the tune of Jingle Bells.

Zach was 8 months old when Josh died.  While we do talk about him from time to time and look at pictures, Zach doesn’t have any memories of Josh being alive.  That’s what made his song so strange.  He has never mentioned his name on his own and always thinks that pictures of Josh are Daddy until we correct him.

It may just be a really odd coincidence, but in my heart I have to believe that Josh was looking out for his brother that day.  Every time I think of it I get chills and then I say a prayer of thanks that Hubby was protected and is still here with us.  Whether it was Josh or some higher power, Hubby was very lucky.

Wherever Josh is, I just hope he knows that we miss him, love him, and will always remember him.

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Because It's All About You

I’ve been doing some thinking lately about my blogs. What I’m thinking is that I have WAY too many.  There’s this one, which is the most personal and therefore, probably my favorite of all of them.  There’s the family blog that I keep to update family members that live far away and don’t read this one (pretty much duplicate content minus the personal stuff).  Then there’s my craft blog where I drone on and on about my knitting, other crafts, and crafters or tutorials I discover online.   And of course I have my recipe blog to post yummy recipes on (when I remember to do it).  Then there’s another one that is sort of in development that may or may not ever get off the ground.  Oh, and one other that would be a bit of an extension of the personal blog as well if I ever get it started up.

That’s kind of A LOT.  Well, at least it is when you find yourself having little to no time to keep up with them all.

It’s a bit of an addiction, this starting new blogs thing.  I have my reasons for keeping them all separate, mostly because I don’t want to bore people with content they don’t want to read.  Plus I want to keep my pages all pretty and the designs relevant to the content they contain and I can’t do that very easily if I mash it all up into one blog.

That said, I’m thinking of combining some things and I’m curious what people reading the blog would like to see here.  The recipe blog will always be separate, but I’m considering pulling the craft posts back into my personal blog.  The main reason for this is that my posts are so few and far between on both blogs these days that they are looking a little deserted.  By putting them together, it will increase my posting frequency here and I won’t feel the need to link to myself so much.

So, what do you want to see?  Do craft posts bore you to tears?  Do you like seeing my latest projects?  Do you just come here to see cute pictures of my kids?  Do you think my blog just sucks because my brain is fried and I never write anything worthwhile any more?  Seriously, I want to know.  Should I mix it up or just leave things the way they are?

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Apparently I'm In A Green Mood

Chunky Knit Beanie

Two more Chunky Knit Beanies, in the adult size this time.  One is for me, the other for my mother-in-law.  I’m working on one more for my sister and then I think I’ll have most of this lovely lemongrass chunky wool used up.  I really am loving this pattern as well.  It is just so easy!

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11 Months

Dear Evie,

Today you are eleven months old.  As I make plans for your first birthday next month, I still can’t believe that so much time has passed.  You are turning into a toddler before my eyes and all I want to do is make you slow down.  As I celebrate each new accomplishment, I mourn the babyhood that you are leaving behind.


Each day it seems that you pop out a new word. I don’t always understand what you are saying, but you are saying a lot. You tell everyone “hi” with your sweet little voice either in greeting or sometimes just to get our attention. You call the dogs “bubba” and “bop bop”, our nicknames for them. I think you are also trying to say “brother” and you attempt to repeat much of what we say to you as well. The best part though, is when you sing with me. I love when you bust out with the “yayayayayaya” in the car as we drive home in the evenings.


You’re getting more mobile, even though you don’t seem to have much desire to walk yet (you crawl faster than I can walk anyway). You stand up and walk along the furniture quite a lot, and have even been seen letting go from time to time. I caught you standing in your crib one day with hands up in the air not touching a single thing. However, as soon as we try to stand you up to walk, your legs collapse as if they’re made out of jello. I know you’ll do it when you’re ready, but for some reason I’m just anxious to see those first few steps.


You’ve also been really starting to notice people around you more. You are starting to enjoy playing with (or at least next to) others. When your brother is around you always want to be right next to him and usually want whatever toy he happens to have in his hand at the time. That doesn’t always go over so well, but he is starting to get used to it and is learning to be a little more patient with you.


You also are figuring out cause/effect. For instance, when you push the buttons on the TV and turn it off you get a very big reaction. You think it is the funniest thing in the world, but daddy sure doesn’t. Even Zach has learned to tell you “No-No!” when you get near those fun little buttons. Today he picked you up and moved you away from the TV when you were about to go for a second round. You loved it when your brother lifted you up and you had a huge grin on your face.

Evie vs. The Sucker

A few weeks ago you got very sick. It all started with a cold. Then you got a stomach virus and the cold turned into a bad double ear infection. Amazingly it was your first ear infection ever. We spent days cuddling on the couch together while your body tried to heal itself. Even though I hated it that you were so miserable I couldn’t help but enjoy the cuddles. You are such a snuggler and it really comes out when you don’t feel well.

Giving Kisses

Next to your snuggles, I think the sweetest thing you do is when you give kisses. You either smack your lips together like you are blowing kisses or you just dive (open-mouthed) toward my face and plant one on me. I wish I could say I was the only one on the receiving end of that special token of love but you are quite generous with your slobbery kisses (just ask your brother!).

Look at Those Teeth!

Baby girl, I don’t think I could ever tell you just how much you bring to my life. The love, the joy, the laughter that is now part of my every day life is so far beyond what I ever thought was possible. Watching you and your brother together makes my heart melt into a big puddle. No matter what the day brings my way, knowing that I get to come home and be with this family that your dad and I have created makes it all worth it.

Love always,

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Showing Off

Roselette Top

I still can’t really believe I made this! Details at Getting Crafty.

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