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Month: November 2008

8 Months

Dear Evie,

I can’t believe that it is already time to write you another monthly letter.  You are eight months old now.  Month seven came and went and I never could find the time I needed to sit and reflect on the month before so I’m going to try to cram both months into this one.  I hate doing that because if I don’t get it written down right away I forget some of the details and I’m afraid I’ve already lost some of the memories I wanted to hold on to.  Some day when you are a sleep-deprived mom you’ll understand how the time and details can slip away. 

Cookie Time!

You have been a very busy little girl over the last two months.  Your weight gain has slowed down a little bit now, but at your six month check-up you were 19 pounds, 1 ounce and 28 1/4 inches tall.  The last time you were weighed (just shy of 8 months) you were 20 pounds, 2 ounces.  You have pretty much caught up with Caitlin and you are almost exactly the same size as Mikayla, who are both several months older than you.

Just after you turned six months old you started sleeping through the night.  You made it about five nights straight and then you started waking up again.  I’m not sure what happened, but I was very grateful for those five nights of sleep.  Anytime you want to resume that sleeping thing would be just fine with me.  I’m hoping that the night waking is due to teething and all of the rapid developments you’ve been going through recently but if it isn’t, we need to have a little talk.  Mama needs her sleep – preferably before she loses her mind.

Sitting Up

Speaking of rapid developments, you can now sit up by yourself, crawl (although you still prefer the army crawl most of the time), stand up on your own, and you love to clap (especially when you hear music).  We had to set baby gates up in the living room because you kept getting away from us when we weren’t watching.  You are starting to pull yourself up on everything and get really mad when I make you lay down to change your diaper.  You grab and my shirt the whole time I’m changing you and try to stand up.  Apparently I need to start practicing the standing diaper change again.  I haven’t had to do that one for a while.

Your official first word(s) were spoken clearly on October 10th and just like your brother you chose “dada” over “mama”.  You actually combined it with “hi” and we’ve been hearing “hi dada!” ever since.  I think I’ve caught “bubba” a few times and you’ve also started saying “mama”.  The first time I heard a clear “mama” you were in the floor crying.  You wanted me to pick you up but I was trying to finish up something.  Once you screamed out “MAMA!” I could no longer resist and scooped you up right away. 

Sleepy Girl

Over the last week or so you have decided that you don’t want baby food anymore.  Anything that you can pick up with your hands and put in your mouth yourself is just fine, but if you see a spoon headed your way you turn away from it.  I assume it is because you have finally mastered the pincer grasp, but this does complicate things just a bit.  Even though you have four teeth now, you still can’t do a whole lot of chewing which greatly limits what I can feed you.  Your favorite things to eat are the Gerber fruit puffs and cheese puffs (that look like mini cheetos!) but somehow I think you need a little more nutrition that what those can offer you.  You did seem to like your brother’s Spagettios that I let you try though, so I guess that’s a start.

I’ve started trying to get you to drink out of a sippy cup for a while now but you aren’t really taking to it like I thought you would.  You will drink out of it now and then, but most of the time you just prefer to chew on it.  I was really hoping you would like it because you have started refusing to take a bottle from anyone other than Miss Paula.  Since I do have to leave you with someone else on occasion, it would be nice if you would drink something when I’m not around.  I know you would rather have me around to breastfeed you whenever you get a little thirsty but that isn’t always an option.  I have a feeling we won’t be weaning anytime soon though.

2008 Halloween Photo Shoot

Along with all of the other developments, your personality has really popped out over the last couple of months.  You don’t hesitate to let us know when you don’t like something.  You laugh like crazy when your brother does something silly – and he’ll do nearly anything to make you laugh.  You also have figured out a couple of ways to make us laugh.  You scrunch your face up into the cutest smile I’ve ever seen and you love to make funny noises with your tongue.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve started calling you my “little monkey” because of the way you latch onto me when you want to cuddle.  You wrap your arms and legs around me and squeeze tight like you are giving me a hug.  It is nearly impossible to put you down when you’re in one of these moods and if I do you’ll scream until I pick you back up.  You have also started giving kisses which is the cutest thing ever.  You turn your head toward the targeted person and then push your whole face up against them.  I love it when I am the lucky recipient.

Zach & Evie

You have had a lot of first experiences over the last couple of months too.  You had your very first ride in a park swing, which you loved.  Then we celebrated your very first Halloween.  You were absolutely adorable dressed up as Tinkerbell.  We took you out trick-or-treating with the boys (Zach and your cousins) but you were much more interested in the flashlight I was trying to carry.  For the next two days you carried that thing around and it was the only thing that would make you stop crying. 

About two weeks ago you got sick for the first time.  At first I thought you had Strep, but after two doctor’s visits we figured out it was Roseola instead.  I missed almost an entire week of work and spent most of that time holding you and trying to keep your fever down so you weren’t so uncomfortable.  I hated it that you were so sick, but at the same time realized just how lucky you were to make it 7 1/2 months without really being sick at all.


You recovered from you ill
ness just in time for us to pack up and make a second trip to Texas.  You got to meet several family members that you didn’t meet the last time around, including your Uncle Tut, Aunt Luli, and cousin Mikayla.  I loved finally getting to see you and Mikayla together.  Even though the two of you are nearly the same size, she has an age advantage of four months and it was very evident.  It reminded me of just how fast things change and what I have to look forward to in the next few months (no rush though!).

As usual, I feel like I have left so much out of this.  Just as there is truly no way to tell you how much I love you, there is no way to recap an entire two months of your life in one letter.  I can’t capture all of the smiles and snuggles and warmth that you have brought into my life in words.  I only hope that some day when you read these words that they will bring the smiles and warmth back to you and you will know just how much you are loved.

Love always,


Breaking News – She Stands!

We interrupt this regularly scheduled bitchfest to bring you the following BREAKING NEWS:

The girl is standing up!

Multimedia message

At approximately 8:04 a.m. on Thursday, November 13, 2008, Miss Evie grabbed the side of her crib and pulled herself into a standing position. Reports say that her mother was both excited and appalled at this new development. After securing the child and making sure that she was not going to topple over the side of her (not yet lowered) crib, she stopped to take photographic evidence of the situation.  We will continue to update you on future developments as they unfold.


Because That’s What Nice Girls Do

“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”

I couldn’t even tell you how many times I heard that saying when I was a kid.  But I never really cared about things like that back then.  I just said what I wanted, when I wanted – especially when I was fighting with my brother or sister.  Well, either that or I just got really quiet and did something sneaky to piss them off or get them in trouble.  I guess I did actually adhere to the rules sometimes.

The reason I bring that up is because I think that is the whole reason why I can’t seem to write here lately.  I just don’t have anything nice to say and I want this to be a happy place.  I feel like every post I’ve written or started to write lately has been just negative and depressing.  So instead, I run away and avoid dealing with the things that I really need to write about.

There are good, wonderful, happy things happening in my life like Evie cutting her third tooth and giving me the cutest, goofiest smiles in the world but there are also some really sucky things going on like Evie being sick for almost an entire week and Zach having an attitude way bigger than his 3 years should allow.  Not to mention the fact that every single thing I touch right now seems to break or fall apart and I’m getting really behind at work.  All of this negative stuff is just weighing me down and making it hard to concentrate on the good.  I want to think we’re just having a string of bad luck right now but when does it stop?  I know kids get sick and 3-year-olds have attitude, but all of the money we’ve spent either replacing or fixing things here lately is atrocious, especially considering we don’t have any extra money to spend.

The whole money thing?  It really gets to me.  I know times are hard for everyone right now but every single time I finally feel like I’m getting a grip on things financially, something big happens.  Then I get stressed and when I get stressed I spend money.  It is a seriously vicious cycle that I can’t seem to get out of.  The worst part is that I know I do it, yet I do it anyway.

Right now I’m sitting here contemplating whether I should even hit publish.  I really hate writing posts like this because I feel like a total Negative Nancy but I also hate it because it dips a little into the part of me that I always try to hide from the world.  I’m always the positive, happy-go-lucky type of person.  I don’t let things get me down.  Friends at work are constantly amazed at how I can keep my cool even in really stressful situations but in reality it is all a lie.  I just push it down and don’t let my true feelings show because that’s what nice girls do.  Yep, I’m a nice girl – on the outside.

But guess what? Nice girls have real feelings too.

Before I was contacted by the local newspaper and decided to go public with this blog I had a place to deal with my feelings.  It was here.  I wrote whatever I wanted.  (Don’t try searching. Most of those posts have been deleted or are private now).  I didn’t worry about anyone being offended or finding out who I really was.  It was my safe place.  I chose to open it up and share it and I do think it was a good decision.  But now I have no where to go with the bad stuff, the stuff I don’t share with even my closest friends.

When I get stressed I run.  I hide.  Then?  I need change.  I need something new.  I need to find a place to control something in my life because I can’t control the thing that is causing the stress.  Usually it ends with a new hair cut or a shopping spree.  Sometimes it ends in seriously life altering decisions.  Um, this time?  I spent the last three weekends straight working harder than I have ever worked on my house.  I cleaned, sorted, re-arranged, and organized almost my entire house.  I’m not done yet either, but we’re going out of town this weekend so the rest will have to wait.  Granted, it resulted in a new playroom for my kids which we all love, but only now am I realizing what my motivation for all of it was.

As usual I have no idea where I’m going with all of this.  I think I just needed a brain dump.  I needed to get it out there because I’m tired of holding it in.  I’m tired of holding everything in, but I always have a hard time letting it out.  I don’t want people to see the bad stuff.  Instead, I keep it in.  Because that’s what nice girls do.

But this nice girl?  Has really freakin’ adorable kids and that is what gets me by when life otherwise sucks.

Zach & Evie


The Only Good Thing About This Week Is That It Is Almost Over

Halloween Night 2008

So, not that I necessarily need to state the obvious, but I’m not participating in NaBloPoMo this year. I considered it, but I just simply can’t post every day. Heck, I’m lucky to post once a week here lately. I’ll try my hardest to keep up with all of you who are participating, but from the looks of my feed reader right now that isn’t really going to happen either.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know why I haven’t updated this week. Evie has been one sick little girl and pretty much all of my time has been consumed snuggling and soothing a cranky baby. The girl has been blessed with excellent health up until now so of course when it happened it happened in a big way.

She started running a fever either Sunday night or Monday morning. I though she felt a little warm at day care drop off Monday morning, but brushed it off thinking it was just because the car was a little warm on the way there. By the time I picked her up she was definitely feverish and it hasn’t let up since.

After finding out Tuesday morning that the other baby at day care (2 months younger than Evie) had a confirmed case of Strep, I called the doctor and took Evie in.  Evie tested negative, but continues to show signs of possible Strep so if she’s not better by Friday morning we’re going back to the doctor.

I’ve been trying to cram in as much work as possible from home while Evie naps or (on very rare occasions) plays in the play pen next to me.  Yesterday she graced me with a three hour nap.  Today? Not so much with the napping.  It looks like we’ll be home again tomorrow.  I really hope my boss isn’t getting mad at me for being gone so much.

In other news, we had an excellent Halloween.  We took the kids trick-or-treating around my sister’s neighborhood and then headed over to see my dad and his wife for a bit at a friend’s house.  We caught up with my brother, his wife, and my niece there as well.  Then we went back to my sister’s house for a bit and let the kids play until they were ready to drop.  On the way home Zach said, “Mommy, I LOVE Halloween!”  Then he fell asleep and stayed that way until 10:00 a.m.

Somehow I managed to get totally motivated on Saturday morning.  I started cleaning out our guest/guitar/sewing/junk room to prepare for some re-arranging of furniture.  Then I decided it would be a brilliant idea to pull the nasty carpet up.  I knew there was hard wood underneath it.  I just didn’t know what kind of condition it was in.  There are a few bad spots, but it really isn’t horrible.  I’m really glad that we got rid of the carpet, but my body was not so happy with me.  Hubby wasn’t feeling well so I did the majority of the heavy lifting on my own and I felt every bit of it the next morning.

The re-arranging project is now about halfway complete.  The guest room is now an office/music/craft room with a futon for our occasional overnight guests instead of the full-size bed.  It came in quite handy this week while I’ve been trying to work from home.  The room the computer and desk were in is set to become a play room for the kids as soon as I can finish cleaning up the junk in there, get the carpet cleaned, and actually move the toys.  Unfortunately, Evie being sick has really slowed down my progress this week.  I was hoping to at least get to cleaning the carpet so that by Saturday we could be setting up the toys in there.

So, that’s pretty much where I’m at right now.  I know this was a really long and boring post, but I always feel the need to catch up before I can write anything of substance.  Hopefully once I get finished with my little home makeover project (and Evie is feeling better) I’ll be able to get back to more regular blogging.  Maybe someday I’ll even get Evie’s 7 month letter written, possibly even before she turns 8 months.

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