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The Difference Two Years Makes

Halloween 2007
A Toy Story

Halloween 2009
IMG_3174.jpgRyan wore Zach’s Buzz Lightyear costume from 2 years ago.  Zach, unfortunately, could not wear Ryan’s Woody costume! (We did steal the belt and sheriff star badge though.)  You would never guess that Zach is actually 6 months younger than Ryan.

And now I promise I’ll stop posting Halloween pictures.

Well, after this one…


Pretty sure that’s the cutest little princess I’ve ever seen in my life.

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  1. Mom Mom

    I agree entirely on the cutest “tiny princess” as I like to call her.

  2. Wow…seriously, what a difference 2 years makes. So cute!

    Also…DEFINITELY the cutest little princess EVER!!!

  3. Adorable. And costume re-use is awesome.

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