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She May End Up In A Nudist Colony

We have reached a new phase in my daughter’s life – the one where she chooses not to wear clothing of any kind.  I’ve spent years laughing at other parents as they tell tales of their children stripping off clothes, all the while thinking that it is simply a phase and most kids go through it at some time or another.  Now that it’s my child?  I’m not laughing so much.

For one thing, I wasted a whole lot of money buying pajamas and summer clothes for Miss Evie.  She wants nothing to do with them.  If it were up to her, she would wear nothing but her panties, and even those are a bother at times.  I do let her get away with it at night.  I mean, if she really wants to sleep naked or just in panties, it isn’t hurting anyone or anything.  Her brother (who shares a room with her) seems to be oblivious to the whole thing (and prefers to sleep in his undies too) so what’s the harm?

The problem comes when it is time to get dressed for day care in the mornings.  She just does not want to put on clothes.  At first, she just didn’t want to wear pants/shorts.  So I offered her dresses/skirts.  Then she didn’t want to wear a shirt of any kind.  I’m still not really sure how to fix that, but eventually I can convince her to put something on before we leave the house.

This morning, after refusing about 6 different outfits I offered and the two of us being at a stalemate for about 10 minutes, I finally yelled, “Just put something on! I don’t care what it is!”  And she did.

Guess who picked out her own outfit this morning? #fb

I really don’t care if she matches, as long as she’s wearing clothes of some kind out in public.

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  1. Oh my gosh…look at that face. That is a glimpse of her as a teenager. 🙂

    She is so cute…even when her clothes don’t match.

  2. Jenny McE Jenny McE

    As a mother of two children who picked their clothing as the battle to have with me- I can feel for you. I ended up just getting used to shrugging when the other mothers in kindergarten made comments about Paige’s sense of style. But the fight is not worth it. She’d make me cut bows (straps and tags etc) off of clothing that was so new the tags hadn’t been cut off yet!! She loved to layer skirts over her jeans (or any other pants she could find) and the list of crazy fashion is endless… but after awhile everyone accepted it as just Paige being Paige and now she is always striving to imitate all the other girls and I miss the ‘fashion rebel’ she used to be…
    But Now my son Nolan has started being picky about his clothing as his way to exert his independence. But if the child wants to wear a hockey jersey and jeans on the hottest day of the summer, let him suffer I say!!

    I guess what I’m saying is- this stage will pass so embrace it while they are able to get away with it anyway :0)

  3. Jenny McE Jenny McE

    BTW I love Evie’s reverse flip flop fashion… LOL!!

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