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Tuesdays With Caleb – Week 6

Today was an interesting day. Caleb was not at all in the mood for the paparazzi today. He wasn’t much in the mood for anything today, actually…even delicious cheesecake. However, it was my birthday, so I was determined to have some fun – whether he was up for it or not.

My mom and I started a tradition several years ago (when we were working at the same place) of going out for a birthday lunch every year. Since our birthdays are only four days apart, it was kind of our special thing. The last two years Caleb has also joined us, which is fun since he is also a February baby. Today was the day for that celebration, so we met up for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.

I always feel a little silly toting my big camera around when I’m out and about, but I made myself do it today. I shot with both my Canon and my iphone, and honestly, the iphone photos were my favorites so I’m including several of them today.

ipad-calebCaleb pretty much wanted nothing to do with his food and would only eat the whipped cream on the cheesecake. Sometimes I really wonder where this kid came from. I caved and gave him my ipad so I could sit and enjoy my meal.
caleb-cheesecakeselfies-mom-caleb-gma After lunch, Caleb had a gift card to spend at Target so we headed over there where he picked out a new Octonauts toy and a fireman hat (or “whee-whoo” hat, as he calls it). He was quite proud of his purchases.caleb-target

Apparently that was enough to tucker him out and he crashed as soon as he hit the car seat. He spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch snoozing away while I got to enjoy some peace and quiet.caleb-sleeping

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Won't You Be My Valentine?

heartsAs of last night we entered into a new realm in this parenting gig.  The one in which my children want to exchange Valentine’s.  We have done Valentine’s in previous years, but this was the first time that Zach actually wanted to do Valentine’s.  It is the first year that it has meant anything to him.

I’ll have you know that I was prepared.  There was a left over box of Disney character Valentine’s from last year that we forgot to use sitting in the file cabinet.  I even went all out and bought a box of heart-shaped gummy fruit snacks for him to pass out to his friends.  I thought for sure that was enough.  I mean really, what do you expect from a 3-year-old?  I thought we were doing good.

Then I picked the kids up from day care yesterday.  Zach ran to the door to show me the Valentine he had received from one of the other kids (he handed them out early since he doesn’t attend on Fridays).  Then he showed me Evie’s.  This kid had handed out hand made Cars Valentine’s.  Each card had a perfectly crafted Cars character on it with amazing details cut and pasted.  I’m sure his crafty mom had a part in this but suddenly our store bought flimsy little cards seemed incredibly inferior.

I’m not the only one that noticed the inferiority of our cards.  When I pulled them out to help Zach sign his name to the cards, he wasn’t happy.  “But I want to make the cards, Mama!”  Normally I’m all for getting crafty, but the 30 minutes I had set aside to prepare Valentine’s cards did not allow for making cards.  I finally convinced him to settle for what we had but he was still a bit disappointed.  I did at least get out some ribbon, hole punched the card and bag of fruit snacks, and tied them together with a ribbon.  He found that to be acceptable and at the end was still excited to hand his cards out.


Next year I think we need to start a bit earlier.

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