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In the Eye of the Beholder

I had an off day today. Not a bad day, just a blah kind of day. A mixture of Spring fever and poor food choices most likely. But, it was a beautiful day so I decided to take the kids by the park after I picked them up tonight. They have been begging to go to the park for over a week now, so I figured we might as well get it in before the weather gets cruddy again.

I didn’t plan on taking pictures, but at the last minute I grabbed my little camera out of my purse for a few snapshots. I got a lot of blurry pics of the kids running and playing, but I managed to capture one that I just absolutely love. Evie wanted to get on the tire swing, and Zach came to join her a couple minutes later. I asked Evie to lean in close to Zach and I got my new favorite photo.

The photo isn’t perfect by any means. The focus is a little fuzzy. Zach’s glasses are tilted funny. There’s a pole coming out of Evie’s head. But to this mom of two kids who spend probably 75% of their time together these days fighting, it is a perfect photo because it proves there was a moment in time when everyone was smiling and happy.

This is why I love photography. Getting this photo changed my entire mood for the day. Well, maybe a little time out in the warm sunshine helped too.

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My Girl

IMG_4452 by you.

Last weekend, while Hubby and my brother-in-law went to the Chiefs game my sister and I took all of the kids to the park to play for a while.  Evie tried the swings out for the first time and absolutely loved them.  The girl was smiling and laughing the whole time.  I think she would have been happy to have stayed there all day if it weren’t for the fact that she got tired of sitting up.

I commented to a friend the other day that I never realized just how much I would enjoy having a daughter.  I love Zachary just as much as Evie, but I enjoy them in completely different ways.  Evie brings out the girly girl in me while Zach has always fit right in with my childish tomboy self.  Having a daughter is a whole new world – one that I’m so glad I have the opportunity to experience.

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