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Humpday is Overrated

I would give just about anything right now to be able to go back home, crawl in bed, and stay there for the next week.  I am so physically and mentally exhausted that all I want to do is shut down for a few days and receive no outside stimulus.  I’ve had a dull headache for over a week now that seems to think it has been invited to stay.  I’m not sure where it gets off making those kind of assumptions, but you all are more than welcome to kick it out for me.  I just don’t have the energy.  On top of that, it seems my sinus cavities are filling up and putting extra pressure on my head.  Just wonderful.  With the amount of sleep I’ve been getting lately, I should be feeling better by early Spring, just in time for my allergies to kick in again.

The good news is I get to leave work early today.  The bad news is that I’m leaving work early so I can go pick Zach up and take him to the doctor.  His “cold” has been going on for at least two weeks now and he has all sorts of green slimy gook coming out of him.  He was also crying and holding his ears lastnight after his bath so I have a feeling we’re on round number 6?, 7? (crap, I have no idea what number) of ear infections.  At least it is only the first of this cold season.  In a sick, twisted kind of way I’m actually hoping it is an ear infection and that it will help to explain part of why he’s been so crabby lately.  If so, I’m hoping that we get it cleared up quickly and that my sweet little angelic boy comes back.

The really sad part of all of this is that I would actually rather be at work today because I have so, so much to do.  I will lose a good three hours of work time by taking him to the doctor.  I might just bring him back to work with me after the doctor’s appointment instead of going home.  Might.  I’ll have to see how he’s acting.

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