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Apparently He's Learning Something New at Day Care

Each day is getting progressively worse at day care drop-off.  The last two days, Zach has started crying before we even get out of the car.  I pretty much have to drag him out and into the building.  Once we’re inside the screaming starts.  I have to walk away while he’s crying and screaming, “Mom, Mom, MOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!”

I know it will get better.  I know he will adjust but it is hard on me to watch him go through that every day.  By the time I get to the car, I’m practically in tears.

The good part is that he seems to be happy when I pick him up so the day can’t be going all that bad.  When I ask him if he likes his new school, he says yes.  When I ask him if he had fun at school he says yes.  Plus he seems to be actually learning some new things.

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  1. awww… we definitely see that kind of response sometimes in our kids at school. it hurts us too, to see them like that. fortunately, we have the advantage of being there two minutes later, when the kids are merrily running around with their friends. if he’s having good days, then he really is doing okay, and while it’s sad to leave him, you should rejoice in that. 🙂

  2. Aww.. he’s so cute singing!
    my 5 year old nephew bathes on his own and sometimes likes to do so here in our house (they live next door), he always sings in the shower!

  3. Awwwwwwww

  4. This is the age when they develop the separation anxiety… I remember it clearly with Paige who was in daycare a few days a week. Nolan hasn’t started it yet but he hasn’t had to leave me for any amount of time.
    the good news?! They grow out of it!! You are doing a great job and that video is the cutest thing ever!!

  5. By the look of this, I need more toys in my tub!!

    (Awww….the crying at dropoffs. I’m glad I’m only in charge of the pickups at my house.)

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