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Unrelated Random Thoughts

  • I do my best writing in my head during my drive to work in the mornings.  My head is not clouded with all of the happenings of the day.  I am actually alone.  I can choose to have silence or listen to music.  What I do in my car usually sets the mood for the day.  Most of the things I write about here come from my thoughts during my drive.  The only problem is that 9 times out of 10 they are forgotten before I have a chance to write them out.
  • Hubby was watching a movie the other day where a woman gave birth and they showed her holding her newborn right after.  He said that it almost made him want to have another one already to remember what it felt like to hold your baby for the first time.  For the rest of the night I could think of nothing but those first few days with Zach and how wonderful it felt to hold him in my arms.  I wonder if it will feel the same when we have a second child as it felt with the first.  The original plan was to start trying for number 2 when Zach is about a year old, but now we’re thinking we might have to hold off until the finances are in better shape.  If it weren’t for day care costs there would be no issue.  I desperately wish I could figure out a way to work from home and still pay the bills.
  • Work has been stacking up lately and I just can’t motivate myself to get anything done.  I can complete a little project here and there, but it seems like when I need to work on the big projects I just freeze up.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I just don’t want to be here.  I have thought and thought and thought about looking for a new job, but it just doesn’t make any sense for me to leave.  A new job would almost definitely mean a cut in pay and probably a huge cut in benefits and I just can’t afford to do that right now.  Everything that I am finding that I could qualify for is at least $5000 less a year than what I’m making and that just won’t work.  I feel so stuck.  But, at least I know my baby will eat and have diapers.
  • Drinking almost a 1/2 gallon of tea before 10:30 in the morning is not such a good idea.  I think there will be a path on the carpet between my desk and the restroom by the end of the day.
  • I finally got my little Media Manager plug-in working (over there –> on the sidebar) so that I can now easily update what I am listening to.  I love music and sharing my new finds with other people, but I’m not a music critic and not very good at writing about it.  So now I can just link to the cds I’m listening to and if you are interested, you can check them out.
  • In the very little amount of free time I have I’ve been working on my personal web site, which I might have mentioned before.  I’m trying to switch over to running the entire site on WordPress, which means I really have to learn some php.  Hubby got me a couple of books on php for my birthday and every time I start trying to read them I start falling asleep.  The content isn’t really that boring for a geek like me, but it’s hard to read when you aren’t getting any sleep.  I went ahead and used a pre-made template for the blog layout to speed things up, but I really want to be able to do some editing on it and add a couple of new pages.  And, maybe, just maybe, when I finish that one I’ll start tackling the layout of this site.
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  1. Believe me, it feels just as good (if not a little better) to hold baby #2. I wasn’t so caught up in my body shock the second time and was able to completely concentrate on Nolan. It’s crazy, that you wonder how you’ll feel about another child- but the love comes pouring out.

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