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To The Point

  • Lots of people have been asking me how things are going with the in-laws.  One week is almost gone and I haven’t even wanted to kill anybody yet!  I would say that’s pretty good.  I am sort of missing my evening tv/quiet time with hubby though and then there’s the whole sharing my baby thing that I’m still not really liking.
  • Zach has his 15 month check-up at the doctor today and I totally forgot about it.  The automated reminder call came lastnight while I was giving Zach his bath.  Hubby answered the phone and said, “Does Zach have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow?”  Um, I guess I forgot.  Really, I knew it was coming up but I still thought it was a couple of weeks away.  Oh well, its a great excuse to get off a little early.
  • Work is BUSY and I am BEHIND.
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  1. Sounds like things are very busy. Thanks for the quick update.

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