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Check Up Time

Did I mention how things have been, um, busy around here?  Seriously, when I can’t even find time to blog, something is just not right in my world.  Screw work, I need to blog.

Yesterday Granny and Papa brought Zach over and met me at his doctor’s office, which saved me about an hour round-trip driving.  Zach had his 15-month check up and is doing absolutely splendid.  The doc said that he is a little bit ahead developmentally (I already knew that but hearing it from the doctor made my overachieving self very proud).  He weighed in at 27 pounds, which totally made me laugh when I watched Survivor lastnight and saw the girls struggling to carry their 15 pound bags of sand.  Ha!  I tote 27 pounds around all the time with very little effort and have a nice protruding bicep on my right arm to prove it!

It was funny to watch him at the doctor’s office because I could tell that it was a very different experience for him this time.  He was much more aware of what was going on around him.  He made the funniest face when I sat him down on the scale and I wish I could have taken a picture of it.  It was an expression I have never seen before, a combination of goofy and a “what in the heck am I doing up here?” look.  He ran around the exam room exploring things and flirting with the nurse.  He was having a great time until the end of the visit when he got his immunizations.

He had to get three shots this time.  I gave him his pacifier ahead of time (now used only for sleeping and church usually).  I put him up on the table and he watched with fascination while the nurse got everything ready.  He barely flinched when she gave him the first shot, but the second one must have hurt a little because he started crying.  Then came the third and it was an all out screamfest in the exam room.  It was the kind of screaming cry that just cannot be comforted.  I felt so bad for the little guy.  After what seemed like forever (but was probably less than 5 minutes), I got him settled down and dressed and we got out of there.  Just as a comparison, previous to this he has rarely even cried when he got his shots.

He was pretty unhappy for the rest of the evening.  After dinner, I took his pants off to start getting him ready for his bath.  He kept pointing at the band-aids on his thighs and crying.  Since I know he isn’t very fond of band-aids (although I’m sure that will change in the near future) I decided to take them off.  After the band-aids were off, he still kept pointing at his legs and crying.  I thought perhaps it was hurting where he got the shots, but he didn’t even flinch when I touched the spots.  I really think he was just trying to tell me that he didn’t like what that nurse did to him.  I think for the first time he actually had a memory of getting the shots.

Now I know that the immunizations are important and are protecting him from some pretty yucky stuff, but it just about broke my heart to see his reaction this time around.  I can only guess what the next doctor’s visit will be like if he remembers this by then.

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  1. Poor little guy. I still hate needles.

  2. Oh I have not been visiting in ages. we have been so crazy around here. I hate needle time. Ummm, bad parenting moment? Bribes. Just bribes…

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