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To Tantrum Like A Toddler

Some days it feels like my life is spiraling out of control.  It is partially my fault for taking so much on.  I know at some point I just have to stop but I have a hard time saying no.  There are so many things that need to be done and so many other things that I want to do.  I know it is absolutely impossible to do them all but the desire is still there.

Every day seems to be a new challenge to see how much I can get done and whether I can actually get everything done that I set out to accomplish.  Sometimes the bills don’t get paid on time.  Sometimes the laundry doesn’t get done.  Sometimes we eat pizza or Chinese delivery instead of a home cooked meal even though we may not have the money for it.  Sometimes Zach doesn’t get a bath because I’m too tired to fight with him.  Sometimes I can’t do it all.

More often than not things that get pushed down the list are the most important-the things I do for myself.  Maybe I read too many blogs.  Maybe I care a little too much about that little bit of code that I can’t get quite right.  Maybe I place too much importance on this blog.  Maybe I shouldn’t stay up until midnight just so I can write about my boring days.  Maybe I shouldn’t take on web design projects that I know I don’t have the time for.  Maybe I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t do those things.

There comes a point when I have so many to-do’s that I simply cannot relax.  There is a point where I feel you must go on until I finish one more task, even if it kills me to do so.  There are days where I hit the absolute breaking point and cannot go on any more.  Those are the days when I understand Zach’s tantrums.  I know what it feels like when his shoe strap isn’t just so, or I fill the wrong cup up with his milk, or I make him strap into his car seat when he would rather just stay at home and snuggle on the couch.  It is the final straw.  I understand.  I want to scream too.

And then some days-rare but glorious days-you finally feel caught up.  You can sit back, enjoy your family, and just breathe life in.  I need one of those days soon.

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  1. i soooo know what you mean. i literally threw a tantrum a couple weeks ago. i fell to the floor and bawled, whining, “i’m just so tired!” fortunately, jitta (my roommate) is very understanding.

    i hope you get a good, “caught up” day soon. 🙂

  2. tanya tanya

    Me too! But sometimes you have to make relaxing a priority. That’s why you will have to endure my dirty house this weekend!

  3. when you get done with that day can you send it my way? It’s been about a year since I had such a glorious day

  4. I hope you get that day soon! We all need time for ourselves.

  5. jen jen

    Sounds like you need to make that time – even a few hours – real soon. When it all catches up with me I get sick and that’s no good to anyone.

  6. The whole reason I had to quit my ‘carreer’ job was because i started having a tantrum that never stopped. Then it turned into anxiety attacks and crying uncontrollably… but now I’m on meds and everything is all better. Who would have known that being a SAHM would be worse than two of those old ‘career’ jobs.

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