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Procrastinating again

I don’t know why when I have a HUGE amount of stuff to do that I just sit here and procrastinate. Thursday afternoon I’m going to be running around here like crazy trying to get everything finished up before I go out of town. I know I have tons of stuff to do, but I just can’t make myself do it.

So, instead, here is what I’ve been up to today. I took a somewhat extended lunch break and did some more Christmas shopping at Old Navy. I got two more gifts bought, which only leaves one more personal gift and one family gift left to figure out. Then, since I’ve been doing so good on my diet and I’ve been majorly craving some greasy fast food I decided to cheat a bit today and have lunch at BK. I did, however, get a diet Coke instead of the regular one that I wanted. I haven’t figured up my points for what I ate yet, but it tasted really good.

I followed a link today from one person’s blog to the new blog of one of my old tblog friends. She is now blogging at which is kind of a cool site. I wanted to leave her a comment, so I had to sign up for an account. I think I have about a bazillion online accounts now, so I just went ahead and signed up. When I was filling out some of the profile information for my location, it popped up a list of other people from my area. I glanced through the list and the first one on there was someone I used to know. She just happens to be the fiance of someone who screwed my husband out of about $250 bucks a few years back. It has been a long time and he is over the money issue, but shortly after that happened the “friend” just disappeared from his life. Eventually, we ended up seeing him again at a mutual friend’s house. He apologized but obviously had no intention of ever paying the money back. I had also given him some of my furniture so the way the whole thing went down still kinda pisses me off. Anyway, so I was nosey and read her blog a bit. It seems they are moving to Phoenix after Christmas which makes me happy. I don’t have to worry about ever running in to them again. But, now the question lingering in my mind is whether to continue reading the blog that I found or to just forget about it. I think my curiosity may get the best of me, but I’m not really sure why I would want to waste my time on her.

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  1. I would read the blog- it’s not hurting anyone is it??
    My curiosity would eat me alive LOL!
    Good luck getting all that work done before your christmas vacay!!

  2. Im glad you stopped over!! I get tied up reading blogs rather than actually working sometimes!!

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