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No Soup For You!

This week has been all about cancellations.  Well maybe not all, but a lot.  Apparently nobody wants to hang out with me.  I guess that’s okay though because I’m generally pretty anti-social and would rather communicate with people inside the internet from the safety of my couch and laptop computer than have to speak to someone live and in person.  Seriously though, it seems like every time I make plans with someone they end up cancelling.  Do I smell funny or something?

First there was Monday’s lunch.  I was supposed to go out to lunch with a friend, but when I called her around 11:30 she wasn’t sounding very excited about going anywhere.  When I mentioned that we didn’t have to go if she wasn’t up for it, she quickly agreed to do it another time.  I had also hoped to stop by and see her lastnight for a few minutes but when I called there was no answer.

Then there was the lunch/meeting today that I was supposed to go to.  A former co-worker just landed a new job in which she will be required to set up e-mail and a website for her new office.  Since she knows nothing at all about setting those up, we were going to meet up and discuss some of the options over lunch today.  Turns out she ended up having to start the job sooner than she had planned and lunch is off.  I was looking forward to a delicious meal out and now I’ll be having a Lean Pocket and chocolate chip cookie for lunch.

Shortly after I found out my lunch plans were cancelled, I found out my Sunday afternoon plans were cancelled as well.  We were supposed to be going over to our friends’ house for some Chilli and football Sunday but that had to be cancelled as there were just too many conflicting things going on.  It is so hard to schedule get-togethers when everyone is always so busy.  I’m not really too upset that this one was cancelled because it was going to make for a very busy Sunday anyway and I would rather be lazy.

I guess I’m just feeling a little bit lonely…and maybe a little relieved.

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