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Links for a Rainy Day

In the last two days, the temperature in these here parts has dropped drastically.  It also has been raining off and on for the last two days which does not do good things for me.  Rain always puts me in that kinda mood where I just want to be at home curled up under a blanket watching a movie.  My work productivity goes from a fairly decent (ok mediocre) level to zilch, nada, nothing.  I would much rather surf the internet or look at my pretty new blog template than actually work, all the while daydreaming about being at home snuggling up on the couch.  And, you know, a margarita or two would be good too.

Since I can’t be at home, I have instead been searching the net like a mad(wo)man and thought I would share a few of my latest internet favorites with you.

JPG Magazine has a site where you can submit your own photos for inclusion in the magazine.  I stumbled upon it today and then saw voting links on two different blogs that I normally read.  I hope to submit a few photos myself, but just browsing through this month’s theme I found some absolutely amazing images.  It is definitely worth checking out.

Blingo is a great place to search for all things on the web.  It is powered by Google and if you are lucky, you’ll win a prize just for doing your normal searches.  Plus, if you sign up through a friend’s link and you win something, then they win too!  How cool is that?

If you have problems staying focused at work you might want to read this.  Dave Cheong has some great tips.  I guess the trick is to actually use the tips instead of blogging about them.

If you like to experience new music (really, who doesn’t?) and don’t want to spend a big chunk of change then you should check out  You can trade cd’s for $1 each.  You list your cd’s, someone requests one of them, you ship it in the supplied envelope, then you can request the cd you want.  A simple, legal, and cheap way to share music.  Also, if you are really into music you should check out MOG.

Baby Rock Records takes your favorite album and turns it into lullabies for your little ones.  I haven’t made a purchase yet, but I’m imagining some Pearl Jam lullabies coming out of Zach’s cd player in the near future.  I would probably be more likely to just put the real thing in there for him, but I like the idea.

And finally, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, my favorite “Save the boobies” t-shirts. Go buy one for everyone that loves boobies!

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