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Looking Up

Just when I get really down about my job, things start perking up a little. I just found out today that I get to start working on a new marketing project. My mom and I came up with the idea of putting together a little promotional brochure for our company and sending it out with a letter to some local building owners. Along with that, we want to build a simple website outlining the services we offer. She finally was able to talk to the boss man about it today and he gave us the ok to start working on it. Basically the “us” means me. I get to design the brochure and put together the web site. It may not sound like that exciting of a project, but compared to the filing and bookeeping that I’m usually doing it will be a lot of fun. I finally get to do something that I love doing and get paid for it!

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  1. what does your company do?

  2. wow, that’s cool. I designed a lot of brochures in my last life (before kids) I love doing that kind of stuff and can totally understand your excitment!

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