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Looking Forward to Something Besides Football

I really hope that this will turn out to be a good thing and that he stays with the right team.

If not, hopefully I’ll have this to fall back on for entertainment during the long baseball season.  I got totally hooked this weekend and now I just have to find the money to buy it for myself…or hope that I get it for my birthday.

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  1. Just wanted to chime in with some support that, “GUITAR HERO ROCKS MAN!!”

    While I’ve never played it, there is a certain man in Houston that has a certain number of kids that own both Guitar Hero I and II.

    My favorite part is when you start sucking and the audience throws things at you!

  2. dee dee

    Yes, it is now my favorite video game ever and that’s saying a lot since the previous favorite game ever was the original Tetris. I played it for almost two hours at my friend’s house last weekend while she chased Zach around for me. Zach, however, was not too happy about it and kept trying to pry the guitar out of my hands.

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