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Just When You Feel Safe

I seriously can’t believe my lack of posting the last couple of weeks.  Something in dee-land must be off.  Oh, I remember.  I’ve been busier than ever and I feel like crap.  All week long people have been asking if I feel any better and unfortunately I do not.  If anything, I’m actually feeling worse.  It seems like every time I have something fun planned, I get sick.  The last time I got really sick was right before our Hawaii vacation.  The time before that?  The night before I was supposed to leave for Portland.  So what is happening this time?  Hubby and I’s 5-year anniversary on Friday, a kid-free night (and morning to sleep in!), and Rockfest (an all-day concert) on Saturday.  And I feel like crap.  My nose is runny.  My head is stuffed up and achy.  My throat is getting sore from the coughing.  All I really want to do is spend the next few days in bed.  Standing up for more than 10 minutes or so pretty much wipes out any energy that I have.  I think it will be an excellent weekend.

Along with my sickness woes, some pretty crappy things have been going on around KC.  The first I’m sure many of you have heard about (and many have already blogged about).  An 18-year-old girl, Kelsey Smith,  was abducted at a local Target and killed.  Her body was found just a few miles from my house.  The Target store she was taken from just happens to be my favorite in the area and is one that I go to frequently.  It really has me thinking about how careless I can be at times.  I tend to believe in the general good of others but when things like this happen it tends to freak me out a bit.  I’ll definitely be a little more careful the next time I’m out shopping.

The second incident occurred yesterday.  A man came home to his house in a ritzy neighborhood for lunch and apparently interrupted a burglar who was there.  Shots were fired and the man was later found in a pool of blood on his driveway by a neighbor.  Fortunately, he is doing ok.  I realize that things like this happen every day in cities and towns across the country, but this time it happened to someone I know.  The man is a lawyer who my boss and others in this office do business with frequently.  I certainly don’t know him well, but have had interactions with him for over 5 years now.  It just brings it all a little closer to home, ya know? 

I think I’ll go home tonight, check the locks behind me, and hug my little family a little tighter.  You never know what might happen tomorrow.

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  1. Oh, I hope you feel better before this weekend. (Happy early Anniversary)

    The world seems to get more crazy with each day. I am just like you and kind of live my life thinking “something like that could never happen to me”. Sad thing is…it could just as easily happen to me as it did to Kelsey or the lawyer you know.

    Everytime I hear a story like we have heard this week in KC, I just want to make sure all my friends and loved ones know I love them because you just never know.

    Hang in there. Let me know if there is anything I can for you since I am only 5 minutes away. 🙂

  2. oh dear… that’s a lot of hard stuff to be dealing with. sorry for the anniversary illness. and good for you for hugging your family close. it’s true you never know what will happen. hopefully nothing, but you’ll never regret taking the time to hug. 🙂

  3. My husband just asked me if I carry mace or pepper spray. When I said I didn’t, he said, “Will you?”

    I think I might.

    Thinking of you and your fellow neighbors…

  4. Tanya Tanya

    I can’t believe you are sick for this weekend. That really stinks! Do you think it is still from stirring up all that dust getting ready for the garage sale? Well, I hope you enjoy Saturday. I know you’ve been looking forward to it. As to the events here in KC, John just asked me today if I would be more careful when I go out by myself.

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