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It's Nice to Have Him Gone, But I'll Be Glad When He's Back

I never thought I would say it, but I have actually enjoyed having a couple of kid-free days this week (although I’m ready to have him back).  Zach has spent most of the week at my sister’s house.  With a 30-minute drive each way, it just makes more sense for him to stay overnight instead of me driving back and forth twice a day.  I’m sure he’s having a great time anyway.  They have gone swimming several times and even got together with some other kids from our church to hang out for a bit.  My sis posted some cute pictures of them playing in the water yesterday.

On Sunday, we started “Operation Potty Training” with Zach.  I say “we” but I really mean my sister.  She has done most of the work since he has been at her house four of the six days since we began.  He is doing really well so far, except that he can’t seem to get to the bathroom fast enough when he has to go.  If you put him on the potty, he’ll almost always go and then exclaim, “I did it!”  I just hope he can keep it up.  I’m a little worried how the potty training will go while we are on vacation.  I don’t want him to regress and have to start all over.

Since Zach has been gone, I have been getting a lot of stuff done.  I cleaned up my desk and computer room last night, paid bills, worked on my sister’s web site, did tons of laundry, a little bit of knitting, did a quick pick-up sweep through the house, and actually got some sleep for a change.  It has been really nice to not have to rush quite so much in the mornings to get out the door.

This weekend my mom, my sister, and I are all heading to Springfield with the kids for my Aunt’s annual 4th of July blowout.  There will be lots of food, family, fireworks, and hopefully tons of fun.  We missed out on fireworks on the 4th due to the weather, so I’m anxious to see what Zach thinks of them.  It will be fun to show the kids off as well.  It will be the first time that most of the family has seen Brayden, and the other kids have grown a lot since the last time we were down there.  Unfortunately, Hubby and my Brother-in-law both have to work, so they’ll miss out this time around.

Then, one week from today, we leave for vacation.  I am so ready to get away and relax for a bit.  My sister and her family will be joining us for this trip so it will be even more fun.  We plan to get in some beach time, pool time, a day trip to New Orleans, visit family, and just relax.

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  1. glad to hear you’ve been getting things done. it’s also nice to have that time apart, because the reunion is so nice. 🙂

    also, there’s something for you at my place if you get a chance to stop by!

  2. wow, sounds like progress in potty training right there. I guess your vacation will be the ultimate test for zach 🙂

    enjoy the weekend!

  3. As Vera said reunion is always sweet, good to know Zach is on potty training.

    Potty training can be a welcome change for some toddlers.

    Some toddlers take to the potty with great excitement.

    Toddlers love the absence of a messy diaper and get a real kick out of using the toilet.

    Every toddler does not enjoy the potty training. If your toddler kicks and screams in every trip to the potty, then he is not excited to the potty use.

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