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Internet, Meet My New Friend

Sunday is my 30th birthday. A year ago it seemed like 30 was the beginning of the end, but now that it is very quickly approaching it doesn’t seem quite so dramatic. I’m sure the day will feel just like any other. However, I did decide that I needed a little something special to mark the passing of my 20’s. Knowing that money is tight and that it is going to get even tighter in the coming months, I’ve been saving a little bit. My in-laws gave me money for Christmas so I put that back. Then I got a small bonus at work and put a little of that back. Finally, I knew I had a little bit of cash coming in the form of birthday gifts, so I added those as well. I was still a little short, but I convinced Hubby to let me spend the rest as my birthday gift from him. Then I just had to make up my mind of exactly what I wanted. I came really close to buying this but at the last minute decided that what I really wanted was a new camera instead. Internet, meet my new friend.

Canon Powershot

I couldn’t wait for my actual birthday to arrive. I was so anxious to get my hands on this that I rushed out and bought it tonight. I debated between a tiny little camera that I could easily carry around or this one, that will hopefully help me take some better pictures and learn a little more about photography. Obviously this one won out. I can still carry my old camera around in my purse when I want something more compact.

I haven’t done much with it tonight other than snap some shots in auto mode, but I can already see a big improvement over my old Kodak, especially in the less than stellar lighting conditions that exist in my house. One huge difference that I see already is that I can actually get pictures of Zach without red eyes. I only had to touch up red eye in two photos out of about 40 that I shot tonight, compared to almost every photo I’ve ever taken of Zach with my other camera. I’m definitely very amateur when it comes to photography, but I’m already very impressed with this camera. Now I just have to figure out how to work all those extra features!

So, want to see some of the results?

 feb_08 021

feb_08 035

feb_08 055

feb_08 077

It’s also nice that I have such a cute subject to take photos of!

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  1. Kandice Kandice

    Great camera!!! I just recently bought the Nikon D80! I love it so much! 🙂 I really wanted to buy something to take GREAT pictures with before baby is born in May. Now I’m just playing around with it and practicing on the dog!

    You certianly do have a cute subject to take photos of!

  2. Congratulations! I love our camera. I totally have a co-dependent relationship with it. I panic when I’m not within a few feet of it.

    You’re about to have two very cute subjects! How exciting!

  3. Congrats on a great camera purchase! YOu are going to love that ultra zoom!! My dad has the S3 and he loves it.
    really practice taking photos with no flash and you’ll definitely see a difference in the quality of photos that come out of that camera! Can’t wait to see the photos you will be taking!

  4. Y Y

    Happy 30th Birthday!

    Congrats on the new Canon. I recently bought a canon and I can’t even express how deeply I am in love with it. You’re going to have so much fun.


  5. Y Y

    Happy 30th Birthday!

    Congrats on the new Canon. They rock. You’re going to have so much fun.

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