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Here It Comes Again

Wishing I Could Crawl Back To BedIt happens every day, right around 2:00 p.m.  It creeps up on me even though I should now know to expect it.  Like a fog rolling in during the early morning hours, it sneaks in and takes over.  It covers my brain like a warm blanket and removes any ability to focus on the tasks before me.  This overwhelming desire to close my eyes, just for a very few moments, hangs there unrelenting.  Just a few moments of precious sleep would make it all go away, but I must carry on and not give in.  I must keep working.  5:30 is not so far away.  Then I will be snuggled up on the inviting sofa, next to my favorite boy in the world.  Only then can I let my eyes close, and catch a few moments of precious sleep before the chaos of the evening begins.

**an old picture, but it just seemed fitting

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