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Easter Snapshot

Easter Morning 2010

We had a really busy and really great Easter with my family.  We colored Easter eggs with all the cousins on Saturday night, then spent Easter Sunday in Sedalia with my Dad and his wife.  After the kids were all worn out from going to church and egg hunting, we took them to the park to wear them out some more.  We finally headed home with some exhausted, sweaty, slightly sunburned kids around 6:00 last night.  They both crashed in the car, and when they woke up in the driveway at home they immediately asked for more candy.

I took about 1,352,458 photos that I still have to sort through, but wanted to share this one.  Even with my girl’s cranky face on, she looks adorable in her Easter dress.  I keep hoping that someday it will get easier to actually get a picture of my kids together with them both smiling but I’m guessing that won’t ever happen.

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