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Civic Duty Completed

My jury duty is officially completed.  I did not get chosen for the jury, so I basically just got a free day off work and had to do a bunch of sitting around.  Not so bad really.  I actually got to read quite a bit of the book that I started way back in July.  Now I’m to the point of no return where I can’t put the book down until I finish it.  I almost wish I would have been chosen just so I could sit around and read during the breaks.

The best part of my day was lunch.  We ended up getting almost an hour and a half for lunch and it was an absolutely beautiful day outside.  I grabbed a quick lunch accross the street from the courthouse and then spent the rest of the time listening to Pearl Jam and walking around downtown.  I was really upset that I didn’t have my camera with me because it would have been the perfect opportunity to take some great pictures.  I snapped a few with my cameraphone, but they’re not even close to what I could have taken with a real camera.

The trickiest part of the day was navigating my way back home.  I absolutely hate driving downtown because I always manage to get lost.  I do fine getting where I need to be, but almost always get turned around when I try to leave.  One way streets are not my friends.  I didn’t get home exactly the way I had planned, but I did make it without getting totally lost.

It really wasn’t a bad experience, but I’m glad that I have another three years before I have to do it again.

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  1. I have always wanted to get chosen for jury duty — but they never ask me because of all my education.

  2. I had jury duty not to long ago and the case settled and I didnt not even get to answer any questions. I was ready too since I worked at a law office at the time.

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