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Building Traditions

Tree Time!

After trying for several days now, I finally found time tonight to get the Christmas tree up and decorated. I was really hoping that Zach would get excited about helping this year and I was not disappointed. He handed Hubby and I branches as we put the tree together (yes, fake tree). He watched excitedly as I wrapped the tree in lights and garland. Then he helped hang the decorations on the branches. The only problem was that he wanted to hang all of the decorations on the exact same branch. I had to do a little bit of rearranging when he was finished, but it was totally worth it to watch him enjoy this small part of our family’s Christmas tradition.

When the tree was finished we decided it was time for a little snack so we finished the night up with this:

Celebrating a Job Well Done

It was so good it may very well become a new holiday tradition.

I’m really excited to celebrate Christmas with Zach this year.  I can’t wait to read him the Christmas story and teach him the true meaning of Christmas.  He may not really understand it quite yet, but I still want to introduce it to him.  I’m anxious to teach him the songs that I have sung since I was a young child.  I can’t wait for him to experience the true spirit of Christmas, celebrating with family and friends.  But the best part is building new traditions that my own little family will carry on for years to come.

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  1. It’s beautiful! I want a fake tree so badly to save myself major (f-ing needles!) aggravation, but EHH will have no part of it. Him and his darn traditions!

  2. darn it, i think i just posted my comment for this in your other post…argh…anyway…he is so cute!!! And I think I will have to try that ice cream it looks super yummy.

  3. Katy Katy

    Isn’t it great to watch the kids grow up? Best of luck with your new traditions with Zach. One of my favorite traditions is not just putting up the tree, but watching Classic Christmas movies after we’ve gotten it together. Nothing beats Rudolph or Frosty. I was so happy when I saw that they released the limited edition of The Original Christmas Classics (including Frosty, Rudolph and Santa Claus is coming). It even came with a bonus CD, which is great around the fire with your new Edy’s eggnog :). Check it out: I love traditions that bring the family close together, which is why I’m working to support this. What other traditions does your family have for the Holidays? I’m always interested in finding others traditions and where they picked them up from.

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