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Because We Need More Chaos In Our Lives

So I survived my very first Mother’s Day.  It was actually a very nice day.  Really, the whole weekend was pretty nice.  We spent Mother’s Day with my mom, my sister, brother, and their families.  We took my mom out for a feast at our favorite mexican restaurant.  All of us mothers indulged in a yummy (very strong) margarita with our meals.  I think that may have been the first time I have ever gotten buzzed on Sunday afternoon.

After we ate everyone came back to my house and watched some movies, then my mom and I made some curtains for Zach’s room.  I’ve been wanting to get some curtains up in there since before he was born.  Finally, almost a year later, we have curtains!  I still have to buy the curtain rods before I can hang them up, but I think they are going to look great.

JoseMy brother and his wife brought their new "baby" over to show off.  For me, it was love at first site.  They have a new little Chihauhau puppy named Jose that is just adorable.  When we got our dog we wanted a small dog.  We couldn’t afford to get a purebred, so we ended up going to the local shelter and adopting a dog that we were assured would stay small.  Now our small dog weighs about 50 pounds and is probably taller than me when he stand up on his hind legs.  So, when I saw their cute little mini dog, I decided that I really want one.  I’m not sure if I’ll get one, but my SIL was going to check with the people they got it from and see if there are any left.  If there are, I will be very tempted!

Hubby and I got along pretty good this weekend which was nice for a change.  It was at least a step in the right direction. 

I took some time for myself on Saturday and got in a little retail therapy.  I spent most of that time in craft stores scanning the shelves for new projects (because I have so much free time these days to do crafts).   I ended up buying supplies for Zach’s curtains, yarn for a baby blanket for Zach’s baby-sitter, and one of those kits to make the fleece tie blankets for Zach.  I made Zach’s blanket Saturday night (soft and fuzzy and he loves it) and the curtains on Sunday so now I need to get started on the baby blanket.  I really enjoyed getting some crafty time in.  I feel like I accomplished something, plus that kind of stuff really relaxes me.

Also, hubby kind of gave the ok this weekend to start trying for baby #2.  I’m pretty sure he had ulterior motives, but we’ve been going back and forth on this for a while now.  I’m not sure I’m quite ready, but now I at least know that he is.  We really need to work some issues out before I get pregnant again.   Plus, there is still the whole money issue which I prefer to ignore but will have to figure out before then.  I’m feeling much richer sitting here with my bonus check in my hand!

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  1. Sylvia Sylvia

    Wow is that little puppy cute! I would take him EVERYWHERE with me!! He probably weighs what, a pound? My lil’ beastie would dwarf him! 🙂

    Baby #2, huh? It’ll work itself out when the time is right. Seriously. (I keep saying this about baby #1 for me!)

  2. belated Happy Mom’s Day Dee! 🙂

    i am glad you have time for crafts these days. i agree, it’s therapy in a way, and gives a sense of accomplishment when you actually finish a project. i’m working on some crafts myself, but it’s not something i foresee i can finish in a weekend. but i love very minute i can spend working on it 🙂

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