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Another Question Answered

Here’s one more answer from the question meme I posted last week:

Cagey asked: What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

If I knew I could not fail, I would quit my job and open my own web design business. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time because I love to design web sites. The problem is, I don’t know enough about web design to do it all on my own. I can create a simple web page or blog template, but when you get into the complicated stuff I just start feeling stupid. I really want to take a few classes to get myself up to speed, but right now, time and money are both an issue.

Because it flows nicely with Cagey’s question, I wanted to write a bit about my web designing. I am finally starting to get back into it a bit. I promised many, many months ago that I would start working on a site for my church and I haven’t even begun. My dad asked me about it again on Sunday and I promised to get the ball rolling on it. I was also asked by a friend a few weeks ago about doing a site for his new band. I haven’t heard back from him on it yet, but that would be fun to do.

I’m really hoping to get a cheap copy of Dreamweaver for my birthday next month which would really help speed up the design process. Of course, then I probably need a book to help me learn Dreamweaver as well. And, those things cost money that I don’t have.

In other news, I am finally going to the Shinedown concert that has now been re-scheduled twice. The show is actually happening tonight and I’m getting kind of excited about it. The last time I saw them I was about 3 or 4 months pregnant with Zach and had absolutely no energy. Hopefully I’ll have more fun this time. It also is the first time hubby and I have been out together in a VERY long time.

Also, Zach’s day care is now down to only 6 kids again due to some recent developments which I couldn’t be more thrilled about. I hope now that he will get a little more attention and not have to sit alone and cry. His day care provider is also seeming a little less stressed which I think is a very good sign.

Well, this entry was very rushed, but I wanted to get those things out. Must get back to work!

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  1. Thanks for answering my question – it seemed like an appropriate question for you after some of your recent posts. I think it is a great intro into self-reflection. I first heard that “question” years ago and it has always stuck with me. For me, the answer has actually changed a few times over the years and now, I am not even sure what the answer is anymore! I am just focusing on my baby while I figure out the rest, I guess.

    Although achieving your “answer” may seem impossible now, it may not always be that way. Remember that. 🙂

  2. I’m just so impressed you could get to a concert when you were 3 months pregnant. I can’t even get to the grocery store!

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