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Another Day, Another Dollar

I hate that Sunday evening feeling. I dread the new week ahead and feel an immense sadness that the weekend is already over. I don’t want to go to bed because I know that when I wake up the work week begins again. I almost always get to bed late on Sunday night which leads to getting up late on Monday morning, rushing around, and never feeling quite like I’m ready to face the week ahead. Plus, when it is rainy and dreary outside that is all multiplied. I really hate Mondays.

Even with a few changes in our plans, the weekend turned out pretty good. I feel like I got a few things accomplished but was disappointed that I didn’t get to spend more time with Zach. It really bothers me sometimes that I have to put things before him when really all I want to do is hang out with him all day.

The biggest accomplishment of the weekend was cleaning out the garage. It has been in desperate need of a good cleaning/organizing job and Hubby and I finally decided to just get it done. We got up Saturday morning and dug into the trash and piles of miscellaneous crap that were taking over. Things look much better in there and now we can possibly have that garage sale that I’ve been putting off for about two years now. It really didn’t take nearly as long as I expected it to.

After the big garage clean-out, Hubby and I cleaned ourselves up and had some lunch. After Zach woke up from his nap, the MIL and I took Zach and went shopping. We found a few really good deals including a $5 blue jean skirt for me that will look cute with the boots I got last weekend. When we were finished shopping, Hubby came and met us for dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. Zach had a great time eating salsa by the handful (no chips necessary apparently). By the time we finished he had salsa pretty much head to toe. I wish I would have had my camera with me to take pictures.

Sunday was another busy day. We went to church and then came home to start cooking some Jambalaya. I took a quick nap while Hubby and MIL were cooking (to get rid of my headache). Shortly after I woke up, my sister and her family came over, as well as my mom and some of our friends. We watched football, visited, and ate jambalaya until everyone was stuffed and then called it a night.

Now it is Monday and I wish I was back home in bed. This is the last week with the MIL here. She’ll head back home Saturday morning. I actually have mixed feelings about her leaving. I will be very glad to have control of my house, my time, my diet, and my family again. But I have to admit that I’m a little sad for Zach. He has really been enjoying the time he has had with her and I have been amazed at how much he has learned in the few weeks that she has been here. He is in a major rapid development stage right now and having the constant one-on-one interaction has been great for him. He is really going to miss her when she’s gone.

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  1. Oooh! I hate the Sunday dread. Sunday should have roughly 36 hours. I’d gladly shave a little off the weekdays just for that.

  2. We also cleaned out the garage. Not by choice. There was a really bad smell: three dead mice. YUCK!!!

    I think it’s natural to have mixed feelings.

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