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All He Really Wanted Was The Cotton Candy

Last Thursday, Hubby and Brother-in-law had tickets to the Chiefs vs. Saints game at Arrowhead. They had gotten some cheap tickets on ebay a while back and were all excited about going to the game. However, a few days before that, BIL with searching again and ended up finding a 4-pack of tickets with much better seats for a great price, so he snatched those up as well. At the last minute he hadn’t found anyone to use the two extra tickets so Hubby called and invited Zach and I to go to the game with them.

I wasn’t sure at first whether I could handle sitting out in the heat, as I was just barely recovering from two days of the nasty stomach virus, but decided since the tickets were already paid for we might as well use them. I figured if it came down to it we could always leave early.

Zach_TailgatingAs soon as I got off work, I rushed around to get Zach picked up, swing by the bank for some cash, get home, change clothes (and shave so I didn’t have to wear jeans), change Zach, pack a diaper bag, and get to the stadium. By the time I got there I ended up having to park at the very outer edge of the lot, possibly the farthest point from the stadium. Then, I had to get myself, and my lovely 2-year-old who apparently had forgotten how to walk, to the opposite side of the stadium to meet up with Hubby, BIL, and some friends who were tailgating before the game. About halfway through the walk I had pretty much convinced myself that I would not make it and that I might possibly just collapse right there and die. But, I trudged on, carrying a 35 pound load on my hip.

Just as we rounded the stadium, I stopped for a moment so Zach and I could both get a drink of cold water and amazingly got him to walk about 10 steps. It was then that a huge group of Chiefs cheerleaders walked by and went absolutely nuts over Zach. They all stopped to tell him hi and tell me just how cute he was. And then I realized that I forgot my camera. I am possibly the worst mom in the world. Not only will he not have that moment captured to show off to all of his friends when he’s a teenager, I had no proof of it to show off to his jealous Daddy when we finally got to the tailgating spot.

Chiefs_gameWe finally met up with Hubby and the rest of the gang and finished off a hot dog just in time to clean things up and head in for the game. By the time we got in and found our seats, we were all hot and sweaty. Zach was a bit cranky at first, but I blame it more on the heat than anything. He was beyond thrilled when I bought a $5 lemonade for us to share. There wasn’t a whole lot of sharing though. I was lucky to get a drink before I handed it to him because I think he finished off the rest of the 32 oz. cup.

Zach watched the game in little bits and pieces and, much to his Daddy’s dismay, would stand up and clap with the rest of the Chiefs fans when the crowd got excited. Daddy’s team won in the end with a final score of 30-7 (if I remember correctly). I think the highlight of the entire game for Zach though, was when the little girl and her mommy sitting behind us offered him a little puff of her cotton candy. He had been staring her down and I was debating whether or not to spend the money to buy him his own when she asked if he could have some. The smile on his face was priceless, and the little bit that she gave him was plenty so I got to save some money too.

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  1. Wow! Zach being gushed over by pretty and sexy cheerleaders! bad mom for not having a camera 😉


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