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10 Ways To Ruin A Perfectly Good Thursday Morning

  1. Get up late…again. Rush through shower, skip fixing hair, and throw on a headband to save time.
  2. Find dried cat puke on bed you just got out of.
  3. Remove poopy diaper from very squirmy baby and then realize there are no wipes in the container.
  4. Fight with 3-year-old because he won’t get dressed only to finally figure out all he wants is “soft” pants, not jeans.
  5. Chase cat down because he escaped out the door while you were trying to get the dog to come back in.
  6. Finally get in car and realize you don’t even have enough gas to get to day care.
  7. Stop at gas station and discover your wallet is not in you purse.  It is in the diaper bag you used last night which is at home.  Fill up on emergency credit card which is (thankfully) in your purse.
  8. Go back home, get wallet, jump back in car and arrive at day care at the same time you should be arriving at work.
  9. Decide you have to stop and get some food because the vitamin you took on an empty stomach is making you nauseated.
  10. Finally arrive at work very, very, late.

(Yes, and then you blog about it because in some sort of strange way it helps relieve the stress and makes everything better.)

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  1. Did you jump into my life this morning? With the exception of the poopy diaper since Little A is finally out of those, I have had almost identical days. Oh…but it’s my 7-year old that only wants “soft” pants. She’s apparently over jeans which makes me crazy since she has, I swear ,20 pair.


    Hope your day gets better. Look at it this way…there’s only one way to go. Up!

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