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The Weekend Awaits

Holy hell am I ever ready for the weekend!  This week has been just a wee bit stressful and I’m ready to unwind and do some serious cuddling with my boy.  Well, that and some reading.  And maybe even some snugglin’ with the Hubby if he’s nice.

I really appreciate all of the comments and suggestions on yesterday’s post.  The demon child was much better last night which was wonderful because I really needed some time to focus on The O.C. and Grey’s Anatomy.  I seriously caught myself gasping for air during the commercial breaks.  Both shows were just a little intense.

After some online research, your comments, e-mails, and a conversation with my sister, I’m feeling much better about the whole tantrum, crying, screaming situation.  I’m pretty sure this is indeed just a phase and that I’m going to have to show some tough love to get through it.  I’m just not so good at that part.  I don’t like to see my baby upset and I definitely don’t like to feel the way I’ve been feeling toward him the last couple of days.  But seriously, what are you supposed to do with a toddler who doesn’t want to wear pants, socks, or a coat when it’s freezing outside?  The fight is painful for both of us.

I’m hoping for a weekend full of relaxation, reading, no power struggles, some craft time for myself, and some time to chill with the Hubby.  We may or may not decide to have an evening out, depending on the monster.  Whatever the weekend holds, I just hope that it is a little better than the last five days have been.

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