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Yet Another Catch-up Post

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun, eh? Things have been busy, busy, busy around my house and for once I’m not complaining about it. The main reason for all the busyness is that I’ve been working on a new web site. It is something that I’ve had in my head for a while now and for some reason I decided now is the time to get it started up. I’m putting a few finishing touches on the site, then need to get a little bit of content going on it, and then it will be time to reveal it to the world…or at least to the few people that actually read my other sites.

Getting ready to throw his ballWhen I wasn’t glued to the laptop working on my site, we’ve actually been doing a few other things. Friday night we met some friends at the bowling alley. I wasn’t going to let Zach bowl since there weren’t enough slots left on the lanes, but I quickly discovered that bowling isn’t a great activity for a woman who is 29 weeks pregnant. Even though I used a lighter ball than I normally would, it was putting way too much strain on my already stretched out belly and ligaments. When Zach told me he wanted to “throw the ball” I was more than happy to let him take over. I think I had more fun watching him and hanging out with my friends anyway.

Air Hockey with Daddy 1When the bowling was over and done the older kids headed off to play some laser tag and I got some time to chat with my friend while Zach and Daddy spent some time in the game room. They played a few games and then hit the air hockey table. The air hockey was a big hit with Zachary. It’s not often that I manage to capture his big cheesy grin on the camera but it was easy to catch while they were playing. He was having a great time.

Saturday morning Brian and Zach were both up bright and early.  I thought they might need a little father-son bonding time, so I went back to bed and slept until noon.  I have to say it was the best Saturday morning I’ve had in a long time.  After I got up, Hubby and I set up the baby crib in Zach’s room.  He asked a few questions about it but in general seemed fine with it being there.  I spent the rest of the day doing pretty much nothing and enjoyed every minute of it.  I definitely need to work on putting more days like that in my schedule.

We’re still working really hard on potty training and it is going very well.  Zach is telling me more and more often when he needs to go.  He even wore underwear to school yesterday for the first time and stayed dry all day.  I’m hoping today goes as well.  It is so nice to know that he’s finally getting it.

Baby G and I had our 30 week check up with my doctor this morning.  Everything is looking great and it seems that she has already turned head-down in preparation for her arrival.  We had a 3D scan done last week and as soon as I manage to scan the prints I’ll be sharing them.  We didn’t get very clear pictures of her face, but we saw enough to know that she’s going to look an awful lot like her big brother.

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  1. Kandice Kandice

    Can’t wait to see baby g’s 3d ultrasound pictures! 🙂

  2. I think we’re going to do the 3D too. It looks so awesome!

    That photo of Zach and your Hubbie playing Air Hockey is awesome. That is the biggest grin EVER! How adorable!

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