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Two Weeks

Two weeks ago at this time I was laying in a hospital bed anxiously waiting for the arrival of my daughter. Today, I look at her in amazement. Evie is everything I expected her to be and more. I can’t believe how much personality she has already at only two weeks old.


Evie definitely has her likes and dislikes. For instance, she likes to either have a boob in her mouth or to be curled up on Mama’s chest. She doesn’t mind other people holding her, but it doesn’t take long before she realizes Mama is not there. She does not like to be put down, although she will sit in her bouncer or swing for short periods of time before crying for someone to come rescue her. She most definitely does not like to sleep by herself. She wakes up the instant you put her down, so she has ended up in bed with mom and dad (which is lots of fun when big brother wakes up and wants to join us as well). I don’t mind her sleeping with us at all though. It makes it much easier when she wakes up and wants to eat. I don’t have to get up at all since she’s already right there.

As far as looks, Evie is the spitting image of her big brother. She’s a little softer and curvier while Zach was a bit more lean and muscular, but when you look at their baby pictures side by side it is hard to tell the difference.


Breastfeeding is going much easier this time. Evie latched on right away and has barely let go since. The girl loves to eat. I think I spend over half of the day nursing her. The hardest part is that she never wants to stop. I think if I was willing, she would just stay attached all day and use my boob for a pacifier.

I wish I could remember Zach’s first few weeks a little more clearly. I know I felt so much of what I’m feeling now with him too. I honestly could spend my entire day doing nothing but staring at Evie and her perfect little face. It amazes me that something so perfect, so beautiful, was created with my body. It amazes me that I can feel such all-consuming love for not one, but two children. I love watching the two of them together and seeing how much alike they are already.


Zach is slowly becoming more and more interested in Evie. He’s a very proud big brother, but is still pretty timid around her. He’s also very protective. When I drop him off at school in the mornings, Zach’s classmates are very interested in the baby. They tend to hover around her and Zach doesn’t like it at all. He’ll tell them, “Don’t touch her! That’s my baby sister!” Then, when he’s alone with her I hear him quietly telling her, “I love you, Evie.” It is so sweet I can hardly stand it.

As for me, I’m feeling almost back to my normal self. Well, except for the lack of sleep of course. Everywhere I go people tell me I have a glow about me. I don’t see it, but I can only assume it is because I am so in love with my perfect little family.

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  1. I loved co-sleeping when our son was young…then he got into that stage where he just moved around too much…but I miss those times. Sometimes I can’t even imagine how I could love another child as much as I love my son…but I think your heart just grows to make room. She is beautiful! Congratulations!

  2. that “i love you, evie” is just too cute! i hope he stays loving and protective for a long time. 🙂

  3. Such a beautiful post! You are a proud mama, and rightfully so.


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