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Quite Possibly The Fastest Nine Days of my Life

I’ve spent nine days with my little angel now and I absolutely cannot get enough of her.  I am completely consumed with the love I feel for this baby.  I remember feeling much the same way when Zach was born and it never really went away.

We’ve been quite busy since we got home from the hospital last Thursday. I honestly can’t believe that she’s already been home with us for a week. We actually spent Friday relaxing, but then were out and about on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we took Zach to the Easter egg hunt at church, then we went to my sister’s house so the kids could all color Easter eggs together. Sunday we got all dressed up in our Easter clothes for church and then went to my Dad’s house where the Easter bunny had left baskets and hidden eggs for all of the kids.

mar_08 267

On Monday Evie (which is what we’re calling Geneva if you haven’t caught on) had her first check up with the doctor. The doc thought she was doing great. Her weight was back up to 8 pounds, 11 ounces (after dropping to 8lbs, 9oz at the hospital). She did show slight signs of jaundice, but they weren’t too concerned and just told us to keep an eye on it.

mar_08 219

Hubby had to go back to work on Tuesday and Evie and I were left alone for the first time. I have to admit that I really enjoyed being able to just sit and snuggle her. I took some time out to clean my kitchen up while she was sleeping and a friend stopped by for a bit, but I spent the rest of the day after that just holding her and napping off and on.

Geneva - 1 Week

Wednesday was a pretty relaxed day, but Evie was a little more fussy than she had been. She didn’t allow me much time to do anything but feed and hold her. Fortunately I didn’t mind too much. We snuggled all day and took a much needed nap together.

Today I figured it was time to introduce her to one of my favorite hobbies – shopping! Ok, so we only went to Wal-Mart and the main goal was groceries, but we did take a spin through the clothing section so I could pick up some fat pants to take the place of the maternity pants that are now falling off of me. Evie slept through the entire store so I guess I’ll have to show off my shopping skillz some other time.

After our shopping trip my brother and his little girl Caitlin came over to visit for a bit. At nearly three months old, Caitlin looks huge to me. It makes me a little sad that Evie will be at least that big in a few short months.

mar_08 387

It is hard to believe that two of my six weeks of maternity leave are almost over. I don’t even want to think about leaving her with someone else while I go off to work everyday. The only things I want to think about right now are how my little girl’s favorite place to sleep is curled up on my chest, how she stretches her hand out and places it on my chest while she’s nursing or sleeping just like her big brother used to do, and how she lets out the most relaxed, content sigh when she’s just about done feeding.

I’m trying to soak it all in and remember every moment, every quirky little look she gives me, every sound she makes, and every second I get to spend snuggling with my sweet little baby because this time around I know how very fast it all goes by and how quickly these days will fade from my memory.

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  1. yay! she’s beautiful, and i’m so glad that you shared pictures with us. 🙂

  2. I sure wish you could find a grandma (like me) nearby to babysit and spoil those children like they ought to be spoiled! If I didn’t mind tied down so much, I’d be finding an infant to babysit. Not so much for extra money as just to enjoy a baby again, and watch him/her grow.

    But I do like being able to pick up and go with Cliff on the motorcycle on the spur of the moment.

  3. lfm lfm

    Awwww…Dee…she’s beautiful!!! They are just too cute together…such the proud big brother.

    Just put Evie in the sun for the jaundice. LF was jaundice a tad when she was born too and that’s what we did.

  4. Oh Dee! She is just too precious!

    Now that you are on maternity leave, we should try to do a playdate!

  5. cheryl cheryl

    first time i seen your site, you have a beautiful family. what a precious new little one, best wishes…..

  6. She is absolutely beautiful!! Congrats!! and yes… they grow entirely too fast!!!

  7. Oh Dee, I wish I could ship you up here so you could have a full year mat leave… she is soooo darn sweet!
    Evie is what we call my great aunt whose full name is Evelyn… always loved that nick name.
    Your flickr stream and blog are my first checks every day for new photos!
    No pressure!!! LOL!

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