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36 Weeks

36 Weeks

I’m to the point in this pregnancy where I really don’t want to post pictures of myself any more.  The double chin, the enormous belly, and the widening hips just aren’t very flattering.  I am so ready to be done and to finally have my body back to myself again.  I know it will take a lot of work to get it back to normal after BabyG is here, but being able to walk without holding my back in the “pregnant lady stance” will be nice.

All was fine at my checkup this week.  My belly is measuring 36 1/2 cm.  BabyG’s heart beat is good and all that.  I’m definitely feeling some pressure from her as she works her way down though.  I’m pretty convinced that we aren’t going to make it to 40 weeks, but I could be wrong.  Next week we have a sonogram to check BabyG’s size.  Since Zach was a big baby, my doctor is a little bit worried about how big this one might be.  I’m hoping she’ll decide to induce me a little early if I don’t go early on my own.  We shall see.

The most unpleasant thing this week is that my ankles have started swelling.  In a way it is good because it forces me to sit down and relax with my feet up.  But, it also keeps me from doing all the things that I want to be getting done.  I still can’t believe how much there is to get done before BabyG arrives, but I’m getting much closer.  If she decided to come tomorrow I would still feel unprepared, but enough is ready that I wouldn’t be totally out of sorts either.  All of the necessities are purchased.  The crib is ready.  The car seat just needs the cover put back on it.  Yep, we’re ready enough.

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  1. honesty? yes, you look big, but you also still look really beautiful, in my opinion. 🙂

    i’m glad you’re feeling mostly ready. i doubt anyone feels 100% prepared for a baby, no matter how much they’ve done, so you’re not alone. i can’t wait to “meet” her when she arrives!

  2. Lauren Lauren

    You are a gorgeous mom =) I can’t wait for you to be able to welcome your new little girl into the world.

    I was thinking about it while reading this post that I can’t believe how the internet is a little family. I remember reading back when you found out you were pregnant with Zach, and how excited and happy you were, and now look… he’s gotten so big and you’re adding another addition to your family!!

    How time flies… Best of luck with the Baby G preparations!!

    Much love <3

  3. You still look great, and I remember those feelings of “this has to happen early, there is no way this can go on another 4 weeks…”
    Put your feet up and relax, even if you don’t get it all done right now- you won’t believe the spurt of energy you get the week after you bring baby G home… at least I did. As soon as I had my hips back to myself i felt like I could run a marathon.
    Can’t wait to meet your new babe though :0) (think I mentioned that before!)

  4. dee dee

    For some reason my comments are not coming through to my e-mail as they usually do. I’m not ignoring you guys, I promise! I just didn’t know I had any comments here. I was wondering how I could post a belly shot and not get a single comment on it.

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