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Need A Little Help From the Babywearers

With Baby G’s arrival quickly approaching (only 9 more weeks!) I’m feeling this intense desire to get everything ready.  I’ve got a baby shower coming up in a few weeks, I’ve done the gift registries, and I’m anxiously waiting to see what adorable girly gifts my friends and family are going to bestow on me.  In the meantime though, I’m going crazy wanting to have everything ready.  It is taking every ounce of energy I have to keep myself from buying things while I wait.

The fun part about having a second baby is that I already have the majority of the “essentials” on hand.  I have the car seat, stroller, high chair, pack ‘n’ play, swing, etc.  That means that registering was a lot more fun.  I got to register for some of those frivolous things that I didn’t register for the last time around because I needed so many of the basics.  There are a few things of Zach’s that need replaced (bottle nipples, washcloths, bibs, etc.), and since I’m having a girl this time around I also want a few girly items to replace all of the blue.  Then there are the items I really wanted last time around that I just didn’t have the money for.

One of the things I really wanted and never managed to get when Zach was a baby was a sling.  I had a Snugli front carrier and later got a hip carrier, but I always wanted a sling when Zach was an infant.  Not only do I anticipate needing to have my hands free while mothering both an infant and a toddler, but I’m also hoping to find one that I can use to breastfeed a little more discretely when we’re out and about.  This is where I need help.  I’ve talked about wanting a sling so much that my mom has agreed to buy me one, but I have to pick out the one I want…and there are millions to choose from.  I found a couple that I like on Amazon, but it is so hard to tell from pictures which one would really be the best.

So, I’m looking for recommendations (with links, please!).  If any of you moms out there have used slings, which ones did you like or not like?  What was great about them?  What sucked about them?  How do you choose from the millions of options out there?

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  1. Kandice Kandice

    I haven’t had our baby yet (May) but we bought the Peanut Shell! ( I’ve heard pretty good things about it. Sorry I can’t give you any more information about it.

  2. I’ll be stalking this entry for the comments as I want one too when the time comes! They seem so much more nursing friendly than the snugli’s.

  3. I kinda randomly found your post but I am so glad I did. I have used a sling with my son everyday since the day he was born and he is now almost 2. It has been amazing, I seriously could never live without it. I have #2 on the way too and I think my sling will be even more crucial this time around.
    I tried so many different kinds of slings so I can tell you what I know. My first sling was a Maya Wrap ring sling and I used it tons. I found that the way the pleat was it kept sliding off my shoulder and got to be uncomfortable after even a short time. I also had a Hotsling pouch sling and it worked pretty well until my son was about three months old and he outgrew it. You can’t adjust a pouch sling and you have to measure yourself to get the right size or it won’t fit you right. Mine fit well when my son was tiny but as he gained weight, it wasn’t as comfortable. At that point I made my own ring sling and altered the shoulder pleat so that it stayed put on my shoulder and spread the weight out better. The ring sling is awesome because it is so adjustable and can be worn by more than one user (ie: mom and dad, etc…) and can be adjusted to securely fit babies of different sizes. I have now used the same sling since my son was 3months old. I still occasionally nurse him in the sling but when he was smaller I nursed in the sling everywhere (escpecially the grocery store). The extra fabric tail makes a perfect cover up. My son also used to nap in the sling all the time. So, I highly recommend a ring sling.
    Also, (sorry if this is too much…) I recommend eventually getting some sort of back carrier. I love my Ergo carrier but also have tried the Becco which is good. My favorite for back carries is any type of MeiTai carrier. I have a BabyHawk and a CatBirdBaby and both are great. While I LOVE my ring-sling, it is nice to have something that you can use to put baby comfortably on your back for longer amounts of time for like walks or such things. It was harder for me to nurse in the MeiTai though.
    Once my friends tried my ring-sling variation, they all wanted one so I did start my own business. But, I did not wirte this comment to try and get you to buy one of mine. I just really believe in the value of babywearing and thought I would tell you about the carriers I know. I have a little experience with wraps but not much so I don’t feel I can give much advice there. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any other questions or if I can clarify anything for you. I have tons of pictures too if that would be helpful. I hope this was at least informative and maybe some helpful for you. Congrats on your baby girl on the way. I hope my #2 is a girl, but either way will be awesome.

    Farrah Brown

    Here are the links to some sites:
    My slings:

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