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Dear Zachary,

portraits_0005Two years ago today, your Dad and I were sitting in a hospital room anxiously awaiting your arrival.  You surprised us about 12:00 the night before, letting me know you were ready to start your journey into the world.  It was a moment we had been waiting for for so long that it almost felt surreal.   Words cannot describe the joy we felt when we finally were able to see your beautiful face.

In two short years, you have grown from a helpless infant who required constant care into a very independent little boy. june_07 009 You still need Mom and Dad quite a lot, but you are doing more and more on your own these days.  I’m no longer allowed to close doors or feed the cats when you are around.  If I don’t let you do those things, you become very unhappy.  One of your favorite phrases here lately is “Do it!” meaning, “I want to do it and you better let me!”  If I don’t let you do it, you break out into tantrum mode, which is not pleasant.

You are getting closer and closer to speaking in full sentences.  You can string several words together now and repeat after Daddy and I when we help you say your prayers.  It is still amazing to me when we have an actual conversation with each other.  I love that you can tell me what you want and need most of the time.  I haven’t quite managed to translate all of your words though, and when I don’t understand you it gets pretty frustrating for both of us.  I’m still working on it and one of these days soon we’ll get it all figured out.

Big Boy Bed!I miss your baby days already, I am really enjoying watching you grow and learn.  Just this last weekend, we took your crib/toddler bed apart and stowed it away.  Now in it’s place stands a set of bunk beds, where I’m sure you’ll spend many nights chatting with your cousins, friends, or possibly even a little brother or sister in the future.  You look so tiny in that big bed, but I know you are ready for it.  You were so excited when we brought them home and even took a nap on your new big boy bed before I could get the sheets on it.

june_07 120The next big step we have to make is to get you potty trained.  You are getting closer and closer every day to being ready.  In fact, just last night you did so well that you got to wear real underwear for the first time.  You were so proud of yourself that you promptly peed in them.  You have to learn somehow though, right?  After that, you stayed dry until bedtime when I changed you back into a diaper.  I have a feeling it won’t be long, but I’m sure I have my work cut out for me for a few more months.  One thing I won’t miss is changing diapers.

One of the things that I really love about you right now is the way you enjoy music.  Your favorite song right now is “Boom, Boom, Ain’t It Great to Be Crazy” and every time we get in the car you ask for “boom boom”.  You sing along whenever you can, which is most of the time since you seem to learn the words very fast.  When you aren’t listening to music, you are creating it.  You love to strum your guitar (or Mommy and Daddy’s guitars) and make up your own songs on the spot.

june_07 262It seems that you learn something new every day, and believe it or not, I’m learning right along with you.  Watching you play and enjoy life has taught me that I need to slow down sometimes and just enjoy the moments that surround me.  It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine that I tend to forget what life is all about.  You, my son, are teaching me constantly to stop and laugh and just enjoy the time that I have.  Sometimes, when I sit back and just watch you playing, I am just so in awe.  It is hard to believe that I created something so amazing.

Daddy's BootsI guess I can no longer call you my baby, although in my heart you always will be.  You are now my big boy, a big boy who jumps, sings, dances, jokes, plays, laughs, and loves (and gives great zerberts!).  You are my big boy, who can melt my heart with a simple hug and kiss and make my heart ache with a single cry.  Being able to watch you grow into the man that I know you will someday become, is the greatest gift I have ever been given.  I love you.  Happy Birthday, my big boy!

Love always,

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  1. Happy birthday, Zach!

  2. jen jen

    Ah, your son and my son share the same birthday, 4 years apart. Many happy returns for him. What a cutey!

  3. Happy Birthday, Kiddo! Terrific post, Dee. I hope you guys have a great evening celebrating with each other!

  4. Happy Birthday Zach!

    I can’t believe he is two. What a big boy. He looks so grown up wearing undies.

  5. so beautiful. happy birthday to the little one, and congrats to you for two years of motherhood. 🙂

  6. Happy birthday Zach!!!

    Wow, 2 years went by like a blur. I am so happy to have been able to witness these years 😀

  7. dee dee

    @everyone – Thanks so much for your comments and birthday wishes! We had a nice little celebration at home Tuesday night and have a big party planned for Saturday.

  8. Abby Abby

    I still call both of my kids my babies. Emma is seven, Davis is over three now. Yea, they will be my babies forever.

    Happy Birthday Zach! LOVE your bunk beds. They rock!

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