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Snuggly and Warm

Scarf In ProgressI decided this weekend it was time for a quick, easy project.  I haven’t had a chance to research and figure out what I’m doing wrong on the Grace beanie yet, so I put it aside for now.

I got this great blue and brown novelty yarn in a sale a while back and have been really wanting to play around with it since then.  I decided to pull it out and have a little fun with it this weekend.

Since I was going for simple, I decided on a scarf.  When my sis found out what I was making she asked if she could have it.  I still haven’t decided whether I’m going to give it up because I’m already a little bit in love with it.  The picture does it no justice at all.  It is so soft and snuggly!  Plus, it is my first scarf ever.

I’ll have to post a better picture when it is all finished, but I may not get back to it for a few days as I have a certain little boy’s 2nd(!) birthday to celebrate this week.

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  1. the scarf looks great! these are my favorite things to knit when i need a quick fix, and my mom and i donate them to an oncology center near her. they give them to the women undergoing chemo for breast cancer. so i get another fo, and they get a fancy scarf!

  2. dee dee

    That’s great Robyn! I would like to start doing something like that too once I get caught up on all the gifts I’m supposed to be making.

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