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17 Months

Dear Evie,

Seventeen months fly by so fast.  Nearly a year and a half is gone in the blink of an eye.  I think of those first few days with you, how tiny you were, and can’t believe that in seventeen months you have grown so much.


Last weekend we had a small garage sale.  I sold the baby swing that both you and your brother used.  The exersaucer, the play mats, the bathtub chair – they’re all gone now.  I’m still holding on to the high chair, crib, and pack ‘n’ play, just in case.  I sorted through your teeny, tiny, baby clothes.  I put price stickers on a few and packed the rest back into the plastic tote they came out of.  I can’t part with them yet.  I’m not ready.  Someday I will be, but not just yet.


You have decided all on your own that you are a “big girl” now.  You don’t want to sleep in your crib any more.  You climb right up into brother’s bottom bunk when it’s time for bed.  We made it yours this weekend, and you picked out your very own princess sheets and comforter to make it official.


You suddenly want to do everything yourself, from brushing your hair to putting on your clothes and shoes.  You pretty much have the shoe thing down, but you’re still a little confused on the clothes.  Shirts go over your head, not on your legs.

Giving Mama a Heart Attack!

You talk all the time.  You say so many words, I cannot even try to list them anymore.  Yesterday, as I was buckling you into your car seat, you were reaching for a brush on the floor of the car.  I handed it to you saying, “Are you happy now?”  You looked up, gave me a huge grin, and said, “Happy!”  That may have been our first true conversation.

Finally enjoying the boat ride

You have a fierce love for your brother these days, always wanting to be near him.  I worry a bit about how you will handle being separated from him in a few weeks as he heads off to preschool.  I’ve found comfort in knowing that even when I’m not with you, the two of you are still together.  That will quickly come to an end.  As I listened to the two of you giggling together until nearly 11:00 last night, I thought again that maybe it is time for separate bedrooms.  Then again, maybe not.  You need all the time you can get to be together right now.  I’m sure it won’t be long before you are fighting like cats and dogs and begging for separate rooms.

This one's for @pocklock!

Baby girl, you are so intelligent and caring and just everything I ever dreamed you would be.  I know we’ll have our struggles down the road, but I hope that someday you can look back at this and know that you have filled every bit of empty space in my heart.


Love always,

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  1. Awwww…grat pics Dee!!! I can’t believe how big she’s getting! Love the Red Sox tees!!!

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