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I Should Have Known Something Was Up

What's Uuuuuuuuuppp?

Since Zach started at his new day care, I’ve tried to make drop-offs in the morning as quick and painless as possible.  It has gotten easier and easier as time goes on and he adjusts to the new routine.  He’s even to the point now where most mornings he gives me a hug and kiss and then turns and waves goodbye as I walk out the door.  I’ve been feeling really good about this because it makes me think that he is actually enjoying his time there (which is what every parent wants, right?).

This morning Zach was a little extra clingy when I dropped him off, so instead of dashing off I stayed a couple of extra minutes to give him some hugs and help him get settled in.  While I worked on peeling him off of my chest, his teacher mentioned that Zach hasn’t been napping all week.  Uh, what was that?  Yeah, no naps all week.  Then she continued to tell me how he just has so much energy when he’s there and can’t seem to settle down at nap time.  She reassured me that this was only a recent development and that he has slept in the past, just not this week.  I was a little shocked, to say the least, since this is the same kid who will often sleep for three or more hours in the afternoon when we’re at home.  I usually have to wake him up from his naps on the weekends or he would sleep through dinner.

Really though, when I give it some thought, I should have known something was up.  All week long, he’s been really mellow in the evenings.  He hasn’t wanted to do much but sit on the couch and watch Blue’s Clues.  That’s not too surprising though, since he no longer gets to watch TV at day care.  What is surprising, is that for the last week and a half or so he’s actually been going to bed when I tell him to (and staying there!).  After almost two months of nightly fights at bed time, that has been quite a relief for me.  Now I tell him it is bed time, he says, “OK”, and off we go.  It has almost been too easy.  Now I know why.

For a moment I felt a little panicky.  I’m not ready for a 2-year-old that refuses to nap.  I need nap time.  Granted I only have him on the weekends during nap time, but those 2-3 hours in the afternoon are usually a much needed break from the chaotic day.  So I started searching for answers.  What in the heck has changed this week that would make it different from last week or the week before?  Suddenly it dawned on me.  He has been taking Claritin for his allergies for about the last month.  This week?  I decided to cut it out and see how he did.  Since he hasn’t been showing any of his usual allergy symptoms this week, he hasn’t had a single dose of the Claritin.  I’m guessing that’s exactly where the change in sleep patterns started.  Now, I guess I just have to wait and hope that his little body adjusts back to normal…as long as he keeps going to bed on time at night.

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  1. Islandtime Islandtime

    We get a nap in every other day. He’s slowly working his way out of them which also scares me, becaues when he naps SO DO I!

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