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How Was Your Mother's Day?


Sunday morning at 6:30 I woke up to a child puking in my bed. It was a lovely way to start out Mother’s Day. What I didn’t know at the time was that he had already been up a couple hours before that getting sick but Hubby had taken care of it. I knew he was up but didn’t realize he had gotten sick. When I finally woke up enough to figure out what was going on, the poor kid had a 103 degree fever and was just miserable.

Hubby offered to stay home with Zach so I could go to church and I took him up on it. Evie and I got up and headed to church, then stayed and had lunch with my sister’s family and my mom. The plan was to have a picnic in the park that evening with all of them plus my brother’s family but I wanted to get home to check on Zach.

By the time I got home the puking was over with but the fever stuck with him through the night and for most of the day Monday. Since Zach was sick, Evie and I stayed home with him on Monday. Somehow I lucked out and got both of them down for naps at the same time and actually had time to clean my kitchen, do some laundry, and fix the keyboard tray on my computer desk that was falling off. I felt so productive.

Zach is feeling much better today but still wasn’t quite ready to go back to school. He spent half the day at work with me and then Hubby brought him home for a nap and some relaxation. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll get back to our regular schedule and things will go much more smoothly.

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