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First Day of Kindergarten


I sent my boy off to kindergarten this morning. I thought I would break down and cry when I dropped him off, but I didn’t. I think mostly I made it through because he had such a good attitude about it.


Before I tucked him in bed last night we set out his new school clothes on his desk. As soon as I opened his door to wake him up this morning, he jumped out of bed and started getting dressed without even being told. He was ready to leave in record time.


We grabbed a quick breakfast, stopped for some pictures (even though little Sis shrugged his hugs off and refused to smile), then loaded up in the car. I could tell Zach was a little nervous, but I think he was more excited than anything.


When we got to school he jumped out of the car and had his backpack on before I even had the car shut off. We went inside, signed him in (he’s attending the before/after school program), and I sent him in with the other kids to wait until it was time to go to his classroom. He seemed a little uneasy when I dropped him off there, but I figured he needs to get used to it since this is where he’ll be dropped of every day. I took his four(!) bags of supplies on down to the room to give to his teacher and waited for him to make his way down there with the other kids.

iphone 676

Once the kids got to the room, it got a little chaotic. They had all the kindergartners in the same room and then called their names to go with the correct teacher. When that was all sorted out, the kids got to go find the seat with their name on it and begin tracing their name. Then they were asked to draw a picture of themselves. Zach got right to work on his.

iphone 682

When they finished their drawings, the teacher asked them all to go sit on the carpet. I took that as my cue to go ahead and leave. I told Zach good-bye, gave him a quick kiss, and headed off to work.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected and the only time I even teared up was when another little boy started crying. I felt so bad for him! Zachary had a big smile on his face as I left though, so I’m not the least bit worried about him. I think he’s going to love school.

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  1. Mom Mom

    Wow, so hard to believe that he’s old enough for Kindergarten already. Time flys by so fast.
    What wonderful pictures you will have to always commemorate his first day of school. I’d love to have even a fraction of your talent with a camera.

  2. He looked really really excited! He’s so big already! 🙂

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